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The topic for today is a little bit weird as no one does exercise at night. But before that, we should know Why Exercise is Important? And How to safely exercise at night?

Importance Of Exercise


There are many benefits from regular exercise, and recent studies have shown that a vigorous workout can cut the risk of heart disease, improve bone density, and even improve memory. However, it’s easy to overlook the importance of exercise when trying to get into shape, or if you love to exercise but find yourself too busy. Fortunately, there are still plenty of other ways you can get your daily dose of exercise: walking is a great way to start. If you can’t manage a brisk walk to work or around the block, try parking at the far end of the lot or taking the stairs instead of an elevator — you’ll be surprised how quickly a half-mile or more can add up.

The trick is making little changes to your everyday habits that will add up and bring benefits to your physical and mental health.

Exercise at Night?

But You will say that We can do it the Day after Waking up. Yes you are right but I don’t know if you know this but many of us use to attend Gym after their Working Day. After a tiring and exhausting day, you may think to give your body a little workout in the gym. Even I used to see my friends attending Gym at night because they think that Gym at night is comfortable as no one is around, no chaos, Gymming in a Calm Place or with your favorite Songs. RIght? Obviously Yes, many of us will prefer to go to the gym at night than on day because Gymming takes a lot of energy that you may be saving for the rest of the day.

But you may be thinking If it right to go against Nature? As Night-Time is For Rest right. So You can’t do Gym at night is just a Myth and I’m going to Bust it in this Article.

Importance of Gymming At Night

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Now before you think like I’m Against Day Gymming then it’s wrong and I’m not against anything but I must show you the Pros and Cons of it and what are the benefits of exercise at night.

If you’re one of those people who prefer to exercise in the morning, it’s time you ditched that old routine and embraced a new one. Or maybe you simply need something else to do when all your other commitments are through for the day. Whatever the case, as someone passionate about staying healthy and fit, trying out this night-time workout is a good idea. What’s good about it is that exercising at night also helps you sleep well, which means that you get to enjoy a good night’s sleep without worrying about having to wake up early the next morning.

How does that work? Well, with all forms of aerobic exercise, there is a significant amount of time spent raising your heart rate until it reaches a point where it has become fully oxygenated. This in turn leads to increased consumption of oxygen and a reduction in carbon dioxide levels. This is a very important process to ensure that you have the optimum amount of energy during the day.

The same thing happens when you exercise at night. Even if you are only walking/jogging, a heart rate monitor will show how much energy your body is burning and hence how much it has been converted from carbs and fat into usable energy. That means you can be more confident that your body uses the most efficient sources of energy when performing aerobic exercises at night compared to those done in the mornings.

Exercising at night also helps you sleep better because it is a good time to relax while still being active. This means that your body is given the rest and maintenance it needs to go about its daily activities the next day without having to worry about the lack of exercise during the night.

Finally, there’s an added benefit from combining aerobic exercise with a late-night workout; by tiring yourself out at night, you are unlikely to be tempted to overeat at dinner or snacks after you have gone to bed.

But What You Should Consider Before You Start Exercise At Night

Exercising at night is a great way to avoid the crowds and enjoy the fresh air and natural light far into the evening, but there are some precautions you should take to stay safe.

  1. Late-night exercise carries risks of injury or even death — so be sure to always wear protective clothing, use a reliable means of transportation (such as running shoes), and carefully check your surroundings. You also might want to invest in a pair of LED headlights for your bike or run by.
  2. If you’re exercising outdoors at night, the sky and ground contrast for a good portion of the time. This is one reason why nighttime running is dangerous — if you trip and fall in front of your headlights, they will blind you temporarily. Also, while running at night can be thrilling, injuries are common, especially for inexperienced athletes.
  3. Headlights will also give you a visual cue about your surroundings, which can help prevent running into things like walls or parked cars.
  4. If you’re running in the woods at night, the trees and the absence of moonlight can play tricks on your vision and make it difficult for you to know what’s around you. This is another reason why it is crucially important to wear reflective gear — even just a headlamp can help prevent accidents during late-night runs.
  5. Late-night exercise carries risks of injury or even death — so be sure to always wear protective clothing, use a reliable means of transportation (such as running shoes), and carefully check your surroundings.
  6. Late-night running brings with it its unique challenges. Traffic and fast foot traffic are the most common safety concerns in urban areas, but you can also equate these difficulties to cruising on a city street late at night.

So These are some basic things which you need to know about how to do exercise at night. Now Whatever I will be talking about after this is about your internal environment. Your body.

Must Read This Before You Start Exercising

Now Whatever I told above was all about Outdoors. Yes, You can jog at night as I mentioned earlier and to be honest you won’t get any extra significant change as in Day Jog. Both are the same because it’s your time which makes you jog during the day or night.

So before you go for a real Jog or Start doing Push-Ups, let me tell you that it’s time to change. But the rules are still the same and that is you need to Warm Up a bit before you start doing heavy exercise.

And the main rule is that

  1. Don’t Eat Heavy Meals before you start doing exercise. Because of Heavy Meal, you are likely to Vomit out everything while you’re working out. Heavy Meals also make you sleepy and you may even damage your DIgestive System.
  2. Always Do Warm-Ups before you start doing exercise because your body will get a boost. And even if you’re feeling a little sleepy, Warm-Ups can reduce your sleepiness and make you active for exercise.
  3. If jogging is not that necessary, I’d prefer that you exercise indoors so you can prevent yourself from outdoor exercise injuries I talked about in 1-6 Points.
  4. If you’re sleepy and really tired, it’s okay you can avoid exercising and let your Brain and Body Rest. NEVER FORCE YOUR BODY FOR EXERCISE. Because it’s already nighttime and you must be tired from a long day so consider sleeping or else you can ruin your next day with incomplete sleep.
  5. Never drink a lot of fluid after or before exercise. Because any fluid above its level can do the same thing that I mentioned in Point No. 7. 

So these were some points which you Must consider before you start exercising at night. Rest I can advise you that You should exercise in the Morning because Morning is the Best Time to start a day with a mild exercise which can boost your energy throughout the day. And I’m again saying that I’m not against any of these times. I have to tell you all the Pros and Cons of the Night Exercise. 

Advantages of Exercise at Night

Being active at night also makes sense given the fact that one’s circadian rhythm tends to be in sync with nature so it helps to get your body ready for sleep. When you work out at night you’re not getting as much of a mismatch between when you exercise and when you sleep since the body’s internal clock doesn’t have to adjust itself for morning exercise.

Night exercise is also a great way to be active when no one else is around. For instance, if you like the outdoors but don’t often get a chance to go running or jogging, then instead of going out in the morning you can do it at night. One of the benefits of night exercise is that it can be done virtually anywhere as long as there’s enough wilderness nearby and darkness. You could even take a hike in your backyard and do some uphill walking.

Another reason night exercise is a good idea is that it can prevent depression. When you get depressed you need to find a way to release your energy so night exercise might be a help. Depression often manifests itself through anger and irritability, which can be vented during physical activity. You don’t have to deal with the social stigma of jogging during the day when no one is around, but at nighttime, while everyone else is asleep it shouldn’t matter who catches you doing vigorous exercising.

Disadvantages of Exercise at Night

Losing sleep to get in a workout may help you feel healthier, but it won’t necessarily make you look healthier. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that working out at night may speed up the breakdown of proteins for energy and deprive muscles of amino acids needed to retain muscle mass. Plus, if you’re already gaining weight, exercise can boost your metabolism temporarily so caution is advised.

The accelerated breakdown of protein will give you energy, but it also means that your muscles are breaking down twice as fast as normal. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, nourish muscle mass, which helps keep weight in check. So if you exercise when your system wants to break down protein faster than usual, there may be fewer amino acids available for muscle maintenance and repair, and formation of new muscle tissue. So I’d Prefer to Exercise at Morning but it is not Bad To Exercise at Night. Everything has Pros and Cons.

So, I hope you remember all of these before you make Night for your Exercise. See everything has Pros and Cons but it’s up to us to control the Cons and Get benefits from Pros.

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