Exercise During Periods | Tips, Benefits, and Risks 

Exercise during periods

Are you wondering about exercise during periods? Well, we understand how bad having menstrual cramps could be and how it might make you feel low on energy. They can deter you from working out during periods. Moreover, you may be concerned about periods affecting your fitness routine. It is seen that many ladies skip their workouts […]

5 ways to overcome addictive personality

5 ways to overcome addictive personality

  What comes to your mind when you hear the word addiction? Alcohols and drugs, right? Although this is partially true, there are other sorts of addiction too. Many people have at least one obsession that drives their life, which they are unaware of; however, there is a subtle difference in obsessiveness, turning into an […]

5 Tips to rebalance your body

exercise during period

  Balancing our body weight evenly on the ground looks easy but is a challenging task in despise. People may think balancing is all about standing in one leg, moving your body muscles but certainly, it is not all of it. From sensory organs to leg muscles, our entire body needs to work to balance […]

5 ways to cope with COVID 19 anxiety.


Coronavirus disease has affected our lives badly. Moreover, it has ruined the economy of most countries. The health sector is facing one of the biggest challenges. Despite having all the latest technology, the health sectors of all the developed countries could not handle the situation caused by COVID 19. Most of us know about these […]