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Today I have simplified one topic which is the Benefits of Walking. YOu would be thinking that Yes We Do Know About Walking but believe me after reading this article you would reconsider walking rather than go to the gym.

Many people see walking as a lame form of exercise. They’ll tell you that it has no benefits, other than burning a few calories. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In addition to helping you lose weight, walking is also good for your heart, bones, and mental health. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how walking can help with each of these areas and how to make sure you’re doing it correctly so that it isn’t counterproductive. Here are some common misconceptions about walking and how we can easily avoid them:

Introvert types with cell phones – Many introverts have been led to believe that walking is a great form of exercise for them. Because they’re not the most social people, it’s easier to convince them that walking makes them out-of-place. In reality, walking is a good exercise for anyone. But if you have trouble connecting with other people on a social level, you might want to explore other forms of exercise like running or swimming.

Not walking enough – Many people say that they don’t walk enough. This is a bad thing – sitting at the computer all day will eventually kill your back and cause arthritis, and those are just some of the symptoms! You’re supposed to walk at least 30 minutes a day and maybe even more if your job or lifestyle doesn’t allow it.

Of course, Walking can’t make your abs but what I will be talking about here is purely about internal health. We all know why walking is important to our health and from the beginning of time, we all used to walk to go from one side to another. Walking is the best exercise. It’s easy, accessible, and cheap. There are plenty of benefits to walking (both mental and physical). 


Importance of Walking in Ayurveda


In Ayurveda ( Ancient Indian Volume of Health and Herbs ), many chapters explain the benefits of walking. There is a lot of other literature which you can find on the internet or just you can read this article to know why walking is important.

Now, many other books are talking about why walking is important for your Health but here we will take the Supreme Literature on Health which is Ayurveda.

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Now let’s come to the main topic i.e. Ayurveda has to talk about the benefits of walking.

I won’t mention any book names here as even if you know the name, all those books are in Sanskrit and partially translated to Hindi by some YouTubers and Ayurveda Doctors.

In the Daily Routine Habits chapter, Ayurveda says that One Should always Walk at least 1000 Steps every day ( not the exact line from the book but according to Ayurveda, 1000 steps cover enough distance of walking ).

In India, people usually go for a walk after Lunch. Because scientifically Walking increases Digestion. We usually eat heavy meals for lunch. So the stomach has to move and shake more to properly mix the food with Acid to digest it properly. 

Now if you just lie down after a heavy meal, the stomach can’t shake the food well. That’s why if you walk for a while, your body movement helps your stomach to digest your food properly.

That’s why according to Ayurveda, walking is the best exercise. Because it helps in food digestion.

Another importance of walking in Ayurveda is that our soles of feet have several points which are pressed while we walk. And you won’t believe that our whole body system’s points are located in the soles of our feet and while we walk, they all are pressed and that’s why the organ functions are also improved. 

You can search for Foot Reflexology if you’re interested in these points.

These were two major reasons why walking is the best exercise.


5 Reasons Why Walking Is the Best Exercise


Earlier I talked about why walking is important according to Ayurveda. And the moral is Ayurveda promotes walking over any other exercise. Why? Because anyone can walk unless they are handicapped or sick. But normal people like you and me have to walk to catch the bus, go to college, come home, and talk with your loved one on a long walk. I would prefer Long Walks over Long Drives because they are better and my gas is also saved.

But Ayurveda is not sufficient to tell you why walking is important. I mean it is the most supreme volume ever written on Health and Medicine but I guess I need more Modern Scientific Reasons to prove why walking is important.

Ayurveda is the Mother of Science but I need to simplify it for you so you can understand why walking is important.

And remember the 5th Reason will make your Jaw Drop.

  • Weight Loss


Before we move ahead, you can also check my FItness section to know more about the other blogs I wrote on fitness. Now You must be wondering how this Walking will save my money that I was going to invest in Gym for Weight Loss?

Whatever we do, our calories are burned. Right? And now if you walk for like 30 Minutes to 1 Hour, you will burn enough calories and fat every day that you can consistently lose weight.

In other words, walking helps you reduce your extra fat and calories but this doesn’t mean I’m comparing it to the gym.

But this can be a solution for those who can’t go to the gym every day or don’t want to spend money in Gym and still want to lose weight.

You can do gym + walking both as there is no harm in doing them.

By walking every day for almost 1 hour or more. You are likely to burn 10 Calories. Which is 4500 Calories a month that shows effect significantly and that’s why walking is important.

  • Body Fat Reduction


Yes, you heard me right. And it is scientifically proven that Walking can Reduce Fat. There aren’t any huge and complex scientific reasons behind how walking can help reduce fat. 

It’s as simple as sugar that by walking for 1-2 Hours, your lower body fat reduces because of physical activity. Your Hip Fat, Leg Fat can be burnt by walking every day for like 1-2 Hours.

Remember Walking is not an extreme form of exercise. That means you won’t see the difference in a day or week. You have to be consistent with your Walking Goals.

If you want to know more about Fat Reduction, You can Click Here.

  • Can Help in Insomnia


This one is tried by me and whatever I’m writing here is my personal experience. I used to stay awake till late at night playing games or sometimes due to exams. This caused a change in my sleeping cycle. I used to sleep early at 10 PM but at that time I couldn’t sleep for like 1 PM. So I searched a lot to solve this problem because sleeping late also had me waking up late in the morning and still with incomplete sleep.

So I used to walk for 30 Minutes before I sleep and I do it regularly too not because I still face insomnia but Walking makes our legs muscles tired and when you feel a little tiredness in your legs, you can sleep well because your body wants to rest immediately so does your brain.

  • Walking Mile a Day Keeps Arthritis Away


Yes, This is proven that walking can greatly help in Arthritis and prevent Arthritis.

Walking every day makes your leg muscles stronger and more capable of walking more miles. Usually, if you just avoid your vehicle for a nearby distance and start to walk to reach there, you’re blessing yourself by keeping yourself away from Arthritis.

Because by walking every day, your bone joints are lubricated every time and hence there is no accumulation of fluid in your joints that may cause pain later.

I’d suggest you walk one mile daily.

Doctors also prefer Walking for 1-2 Hours every day if you have DIabetes. Because it can reduce your blood glucose levels.

This is how you can prevent 2 Diseases by walking and not just 2. Walking can also help if you have morning constipation by increasing peristaltic movement in your intestine to let the food pass away.

  • Reducing LDL and Increasing HDL


You must be thinking about HDL and LDL. Don’t get confused because I will simplify it as I do in every Blog.HDL and LDL are medical terms that we all study in Pharmacy. LDL means low-density lipoprotein which is Bad Cholesterol that is lower in density than our blood so it stays always on the surface of blood. Imagine that our blood is flowing along with LDL in little veins then what will happen? LDL will remain at the surface of the blood and hence it will create fiction with internal muscles of veins and will damage them.

Damage will cause the build-up of cholesterol in that particular part and hence it will narrow our vein. Which will lead to the Heart pumping blood more forcefully to make it flow. This situation is called Atherosclerosis.

And this is dangerous and can cause Heart Attack. 

Now, HDL means High-Density Lipoprotein which is Good Cholesterol. That means it does not cause Atherosclerosis and is good for the body.

Now why am I telling you about them and How they are related to Walking?

Because  Walking is the only exercise that reduces LDL and increases HDL. There is not any other exercise that can do this. And then it’s clear that by lowering your LDL, you’re lowering your chances of Heart Attack.

That’s Why this very simple exercise can help in many things if you do it regularly.


In the end, I’d suggest that if you’re not walking like 1 mile or more than 1000 Steps a day then You should start doing them right now.

Remember that I’m not saying that Walking can Replace Gym but I can Say that Walking can greatly affect the Result if combined with Gym. That’s why you should start to walk today.

While you’re probably used to hearing that walking is good for you, the real benefit of walking is that it’s an opportunity for us to find our rhythm and experience being in nature. Not only can it help relieve stress and anxiety, but when we walk through nature we can also connect with our senses by listening to the sounds around us and smelling the fresh scent of flowers. We should use this opportunity more often. Walking outside will improve your life in many different ways. In the end, Walking is a Great Exercise.

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