Hello, my dear Healthy People. Welcome to HealthyVio.com and Here again, I am bringing so many amazing and underrated topics which no one likes to talk about in public or have doubts about every time but never got time to ask someone.

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For Today, I have brought some different topics which are based on our daily routine and some mistakes or habits we have which we should not have to get a healthy lifestyle. I have talked about several toxic habits you need to eliminate now.

What Makes Our Daily Routine?

Before I start typing any further, you must ask yourself about what you have added to your daily routine. This can include from the first second you wake up till the next day. I won’t talk about just daily habits you need to eliminate now but some of those rare habits which we need to eliminate as well. 

Our Daily routine includes checking phones, waking up time, what we eat as breakfast, exercise included or not, our lunch, dinner, people whom we hang out with, etc…

Toxic habits creep up on us during our most vulnerable moments and drag us down into their pits of despair. So Look for those toxic habits which you need to eliminate now.

We’re going to explore the different types of Toxic habits that people have, how they work, and the best way to stop them for good.

Types of Toxic Habits

Toxic habits are things that we know will do us harm, but that we can’t seem to stop doing. These include things such as smoking, drinking, eating junk food, and constantly playing video games. These are the habits that can seriously affect our health as well as our appearance.

Then there are “good for you” habits, which seem to be doing us good, but in reality, maybe working against us. These are things like exercising or eating healthy. These things are Toxic for us when they become a crutch that we don’t know how not to use. Many people become so obsessed with being healthy that they can no longer enjoy food and begin putting themselves through unhealthy diets and exercise regimens just because they feel guilty if they don’t.

Evaluate Your Habits

Now I will be posting several questions here and you have to give the answers honestly.

No one is seeing you and there is no need to submit the answers as well. This question series is just for you to check up on yourself and look for which toxic habit you need to eliminate now. Also, add the points if you have got any habits. If yes then add +1 and if no then 0. Make sure you answer it with full honesty. No ones gonna judge you here.

  1. Do you check your phone just after waking up?
  2. Do you drink water after waking up?
  3. Do you clean your room after waking up?
  4. Do you get a light and nutritious breakfast in the morning?
  5. Do you shower every day with Cold Water?
  6. Do you do a little chat with your parents or loved ones before you go out?
  7. Do you eat junk food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner more than 1 time in a week?
  8. Do you clean your stomach before you shower?
  9. Do you take any steroids to buff the body faster?
  10. Do you eat healthy food ( other than junk and unfresh food ) as dinner or lunch or breakfast?
  11. Do you smoke often?
  12. Are you stressed a lot every time?
  13. Do you drink alcohol more than twice a week?

Now I guess I have asked enough questions to you and now I need you to tell yourself your score.

Here I will be putting several levels according to your score and check by yourself if you need to pay attention to your toxic habits you need to eliminate.

If your score is 9-13: You Seriously Need a good change in routine

If your score is 5-8: You can still do better

If your score is below 5: Great Job and now try to score down to Zero.

So I hope that now you know about your score and you measured yourself honestly. Now tell me if your score was above 10? If yes then Don’t worry I’m not gonna judge you and say that you’re not a good human being.

We all are doing bad at someplace in life and we all have several toxic habits we need to eliminate.

My Score was 4. You would be thinking about How I can have this score and what habits I have and how I conquered them. This article is all about toxic habits you need to eliminate now.

To Be honest, I used to check my phone just after I wake up and took junk food several times and I used to have constipation because I was in such a hurry every time because of waking up late and avoiding cleaning my stomach before taking bath.

So enough of scoring and now Let’s have a real talk about 5 Toxic habits you need to eliminate now. I won’t just talk about Health-related habits but also mentally and socially associated habits. 

1. Overthinking

Ever struggle with thoughts spiraling endlessly in your head? Whether you’re marking high school essays or you’re serious about studying for a test, it is really important to learn how to minimize and cope with overthinking. If not handled correctly, negative thoughts can lead to anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder, which may also result in chronic depression. Therefore, you must look into what overthinking entails and how to combat the negative effects of constant self-reflection.

Overthinking is a Mental Toxic Habit you need to eliminate now.

Overthinking is an obsession with a thought or a decision that doesn’t appear to have a clear solution. It can be anything from worrying about the time you’ll take on your college essay when it is already due the next day, or it can be something as traumatic as coming to terms with your thoughts on the death of a family member. Overthinking causes people to constantly reexamine their decisions, asking themselves if they did nothing wrong during making that decision. Therefore, overthinking can trigger anxiety and depression, and it is important to learn how to deal with it so that you can reflect calmly on what decisions may be best for your future.

That’s why this is one of the 5 toxic habits you need to eliminate now.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT is a form of therapy that focuses on changing problematic thoughts. It helps people get rid of the negative thoughts that cause them emotional distress by challenging their beliefs about certain situations. 

2. Eating something which is not Fresh

Eating something fresh is one kind of luxury. You must be thinking why am I taking it as a luxury? If you don’t admire your fresh food on a plate then you should know that in some countries, people don’t get fresh food every day. Sometimes they have to manage with very unhygienic food which is a little degraded. Eating fresh food is not only good for your health but also the environment. Fresh food is better because it contains nutrients and vitamins that can’t be preserved in a can or jar. Eating fresh food will make you healthier and feel better, too. So for good health, don’t compromise with your food. Eating food that is not Fresh is the worst toxic habit you need to eliminate now. If God has given you enough budget that you can have fresh food each day then thank him for providing.

Eating food that is wrapped in plastic and kept at high temperatures shows that food has started degrading. One of the best ways to identify if the food is fresh or not is to smell it. Most of the time these degrading foods will smell worse than fresh food.

This is a very toxic habit you need to eliminate.

3. Comparison of Your Life with Other’s Life

See this is one of the worst mental and toxic habits you need to eliminate now. I mean you are all good with everything and suddenly you see someone who is having something better than you. And in the end, you won’t enjoy what you have and that may be a dream of someone too to have something which you have now.

We all have different and own timelines. We can not get something before time. If it’s meant to come into our life then it will. 

Remember that Almighty never created you so he can compare you with his other creations. He made you different, beautiful, amazing in his way. Comparing something is a very toxic habit that you need to eliminate now.

4. Smoking and Drinking

What are the most popular substances that people consume every day? Smoking and drinking – they’re both seen as everyday habits of many individuals. While it might seem easy to brush off the temporary effects of smoking when considering how simple it is to drink, it takes a level head and an understanding of what these substances can do in addition to their immediate effects.

A lot of people claim that they’re “good” at smoking, meaning that they can limit the amount of damage a cigarette can do to their body. This concept also applies to drinking, as many people don’t realize how their bodies can be quickly damaged from consuming large amounts of alcohol. While it might be true that there isn’t any real harm from smoking or drinking in one sitting without these substances being consumed every day for years on end, the long-term effects are substantial.

To understand how much these two substances harm the body, you have to look at what happens when someone decides to smoke or drink at their worst doses. The average smoker takes between 3-4 cigarettes a day, and the average drinker has two or more drinks most nights. Now, let’s say that you’re going all out with your munchies and drinking at full blast for one night. That means that you each drank a minimum of 12 shots of hard liquor or three cans of beer. When one starts smoking, the chemicals within a cigarette are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and heart rate increases. The heightened heart rate causes the blood vessels in the body to squeeze tighter, which leads to an increase in blood pressure.

And with Alcohol, your liver won’t forgive the stress you gave it. 

This may sound like a lecture but Smoking and Drinking are never COOL but are toxic habits you need to eliminate now.

5. Hanging Out With Toxic People

People can be as toxic as these habits. If you’re with someone who is very toxic. He/she doesn’t admire you, uses you, waiting for just bedtime, spending your money like smoke or maybe you have a friend who is not suitable with relating to your character. It shows that this is the time to live life with someone better.

Toxic habits which I explained earlier like Overthinking can also start from staying with toxic people.

This is your life and you must live it clean by kicking out all the toxic people out of your life. It is always advisable to stay out of toxicity.

All of these things that I explained above were very common and might look like a lecture but believe me these things we forget when it’s time to remember them and act according to them.