Coronavirus disease has affected our lives badly. Moreover, it has ruined the economy of most countries. The health sector is facing one of the biggest challenges. Despite having all the latest technology, the health sectors of all the developed countries could not handle the situation caused by COVID 19. Most of us know about these challenges very well, but there is one more issue caused by COVID 19 that needs to be addressed too, and it is the stress and COVID 19 anxiety. COVID 19 anxiety

Amid the Pandemic people are getting restless as there is no hope of vaccines shortly; hence their mental health of people is getting affected. People are to maintain social distancing and insecurity about the jobs is an all-time high. During this difficult, more people are facing frustration, anxiety, restlessness, and powerlessness. This situation can lead to xenophobia. It’s better to cope with this anxiety at an early stage by following these easy ways. 

5 Ways to Cope With COVID 19 Anxiety

When we talk about COVID 19 and its effects, we ignore the mental health issues. Already this issue is very ignorant in our society, and the pandemic had made the situation worsen. The uncertainty about the future has become a reason for anxiety in physically healthy people. You can handle this anxiety easily if it’s in the initial stage. Here are some ways that can help you to cope with stress caused cause by Coronavirus;  

Follow a Healthy Routine 

Coronavirus affects those more badly who have low immunity and other health-related complications. So to maintain good health to fight against this virus is a must. For this, you can follow a balanced diet plan and do some workout or yoga for 20 to 40 minutes every day. You are to follow a healthy routine for your mind as well, and for this, watch your thoughts and cut down the negative thoughts immediately. 

Pick a Hobby 

The Corona time has taught the world to enjoy the free time too. The lockdown and work from home have given some extra hours to most of us to pick up a hobby which we have forgotten. Spending time doing what you love relaxes the mind; hence COVID 19 anxiety will not overcome your mind. If you have severe anxiety issues then avoid reading those books which can take you to a roller coaster of emotions and pick a light and optimistic book. 

Cut down the screen time.  

If you have plenty of free time, then do not waste it watching news or videos related to Coronavirus. The more news and information you will get on this virus, the more anxious and nervous you will become. Already the situation around us is not pleasing and to give real news. Few channels show sensitive information. This can make you fearful, so take the precautions against the disease but don’t watch the news or count the number of cases of Coronavirus. This will help reduce your COVID 19 anxiety.

Know the Facts 

Do not believe in everything you listen from any unauthorized source. Fake news also creates panic among the people, so know the facts about the disease and recovery rate of people in your country. COVID-19 is still spreading rapidly, and we don’t have a vaccine in despise. So you have a reason to stay positive to cope with COVID 19 anxiety 

Stay Connected 

A lonely person is the favorite target of anxiety, so don’t make you feel so. Stay connected with your loved ones and share your feelings with them. If you are feeling anxious or nervous and physically a; you feel weak then take help from the helpline numbers. It is a must to share your feeling and thoughts to fight against anxiety caused by COVID 19 or any other reason. 

These are some of the compelling ways that can help you cope with COVID 19 anxiety. However, different methods are suitable for different body types. So we cannot predict the best plan for you. However, keeping an optimistic mentality will surely be helpful.

That’s all we have with handling COVID-19 anxiety. For more fitness and health updates, Stay Tuned.

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