If you are a fitness freak, we are confident that you would be familiar with the term deep nutrition. The word deep-nutrition is becoming increasingly popular and is considered the latest mantra to stay fit and healthy. Before we go into further details about how to incorporate the same in our diet, let us first try to understand what it is.

What is deep nutrition?

To be precise, deep nutrition is the exact opposite of a fatty diet, which has been the root cause of the killer diseases like obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more. Our diet plays a critical role in the upkeep of our good health, which is why you need to have food that is rich in nutrition. It needs to go deep at the DNA level and thus the term deep nutrition.

Therefore you need to avoid processed food as is very common these days, which are often very toxic. Instead, you need to replace them with natural foods that have been cooked in traditional ways. Furthermore, through your diet, you must connect your body with the overall ecosystem. The following are five simple ways to go about the process.  

It would be best if you are a more conscious consumer.

The first and foremost way is to become more conscious of what you eat. Once you are more aware, you would look for a healthier diet. In line with this, expert nutritionists recommend you have organic food that is richer in deep nutrition. Once the crops are grown on richer soil, the higher would be the nutritional content. Moreover, you require fish and animals that have been fed on a more natural diet.  

Have the whole animal which includes organs 

We all know that animal flesh is rich in nutrition. However, while eating them, you must not overlook the organs as well. The organs are often full of some micro-nutrients, like vital vitamins and minerals. For instance, the liver is a reservoir of iron content. On the other hand, animals’ brains could supply us with plenty of Phosphorous and Selenium essential for our bodies. So the next time you eat an animal, make sure to have it full, including the organs. 

Consume a Bone rich diet

The next important point about having a diet rich in deep nutrition is to have the right amounts of bones in it. It is because bones contain lots of calcium, collagen, and glucosamine. As a result, you would have strong bones and healthy joints. Therefore even in old age, you would be free of bone-related problems. So always have food that also contains sufficient quantities of bones in it. 

The Meat you consume must be cooked traditionally.

Apart from the ingredients in your diet, how it is cooked also matters a lot. While having food, we often overcook it. Owing to this, the food gets robbed of vital nutrients, which significantly benefits our bodies. Instead of overcooking, you need to have food that has been cooked through traditional means. By following this, you ensure you stay healthy.

Include Sprouted and Fermented ingredients in your diet

Last but not least, about having deep nutrition, you need to consume naturally fermented foods. These include foods like yogurt, vinegar, miso, tempeh, and so on. You can boost up your immune system this way. On the other hand, the consumption of sprouted food ensured you have better absorption in your body. Thus both of these must be a part of your diet.

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To Summarize, we hope that we have been able to establish the importance of consuming food that offers deep nutrition. We believe that you could easily take care of the same by taking care of the 5 points mentioned above.  

That’s all we got with the 5 ways to incorporate better deep nutrition in your diet. We hope this was helpful. For more health and fitness updates, Stay Tuned!

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