Who doesn’t want to be fit? Even while eating burgers and pasta in the restaurant, we dream about being healthy and imagining our body shape. It’s not just about physical fitness; even everyone desires to be mentally fit too. Moreover , people wish life with less stress and more with peace. But to balance things either body or mind, just like athletes, people need to work on it. You need to understand the skill related components of fitness.

People need to be guided rightly; they need to know what things or skills they have to focus on to find changes in themselves. Because it’s human nature, who want to do less but want to achieve the result significantly in less time, yeah you can say it in single term ‘patience less’. Still, this nature is in all of us, so while practicing the skil related components of fitness, you need to know about it very well. So, let’s go into detail. 

Skills related components of fitness

The word itself says that the topics are a package of skills that needed to be focused on keeping the body fit. 

For the following components, you need to meet the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) guideline. It consists of

  • Modern intensity cardio – 30 min a day, five days a week.
  • Vigorous-intensity cardio – 20 min a day, three days a week

Or a combination of moderate and vigorous-intensity exercise.

  • Resistance training – 2 to 3 days a week
  • Flexibility exercise – 2 days a week.

If you meet all the above guidelines and still want to train yourself to control your body. Below are the skill related components of fitness which will help you to maintain your health.

6 Skilled related fitness components are:

  • AgilityBalance
  • Coordination 
  • Power
  • Reaction time
  • Speed

Let’s discuss in brief all the six skills.


It is an ability to move quickly and easily control and change the direction of the body. If you practice the skill, you will be able to react or can say respond appropriately in no time. The more you train yourself with these skills, the more it will respond quickly. If you are athletes, this one is one of the essential skills you need to adapt, and for ordinary people, it will help make a quick decision.

Practicing drills like Ladder and Cone will help to acquire agility skills.


Balance is the most commonly used word, and that widely desired one too. People wish and try their utmost to balance themselves physically and mentally also. For acquiring balance, you need to practice yoga, skating, gymnasts, and many more.

skill related components of fitness


Coordination in anything makes the work successful. And for training the body organs to coordinate well helps to achieve things single handily only. By exercising or practicing jumping rope, juggling, dribbling a ball, targeting the ball at a specific place, and many more these types of everyday things, you can train your mind to coordinate with hand fully, eye, legs, and body part.  


Pumping yourself with speed and strength is something that comes out as power. You have to do constant practice to generate power in you. By practicing polymetric box jumps, weight lifting, clean jerk lifts, and kettlebell swing, you can generate power within you.

skill related component

Reaction time

Reaction time is linked to coordination. But in this, the mind plays a significant role. How quickly it calculates and respond is all matters. Practicing football, racquet, catching the ball, and things will help you get control over the mind’s stimulation. It calculates mostly thorough eye moment and gives a command to the body. If you train yourself in this, you can do miracles.


Fast, very fast, unstoppable. This is what we expect from our life. To reach things as fast as we can. It’s the same with the body. When you want to run fast in life, you need to run faster with the whole body too. Marathon, racing, jogging, and many more thing will help you to make your body to be at a good pace.

skill related component 

The above skills will help you in keeping yourself fit. You have to decide do you want to pour your sweat and blood to make it worthy or not. Skills for fitness demand everything from you and promise to give you everything you desire. All the things depend on you.

That’s all we got with skill related components of fitness. We hope we were helpful. For more health and fitness updates, Stay Tuned!

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