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Hi, I’m Sushma Ghosh, the owner of this website. I am teacher by profession and health guide by passion. My friends call me ‘Sush’.

My Story

Meet Sushma, A health guide


I’m Sushma.

I’m so happy and grateful that you’re here sharing your time and energy with me.

The thing I am most passionate about in life is helping others to live healthier and happier lives. 

I am a Master of Commerce from RDV university’ Madhya Pradesh.

I’m here to teach you to regain balance with the way you nourish your unique body and life. 


Our Mission & Vision

To provide superior quality healthcare content. Our Mission to provide better health and well-being content for all, now and for the future generation. We mainly focus on:


Diet and Nutrition


Fitness and Exercises


Disease and advice

What We Do

Healthyvio provides you valuable health information. We pride ourselves on knowing our audience’s needs and delivering the most appropriate experience.  

We are committed to improving our site. We will continue to publish even more content to help make your life better, to help you find your way when faced with healthcare decisions, and to help you feel better about your health and that of your family.

Our Approach

 Our journey starts with understanding, we discuss, question, and most importantly listen to you. Our research involves looking at a range of sources, including an analysis of websites and competitors. 

Communication is at the heart of our delivery process, our experience has taught us that engaging clients and keeping them connected throughout each blog.

Our Core Values

Our teams act with integrity and honesty. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment. We understand our clients’ needs and always exceed expectations.

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