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So I already wrote about Can People with DIabetes Donate Blood? Where I cleared all the myths and doubts about Diabetes and Blood Donation. Make sure you check that out too.


Today’s topic is The Relation between Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. Here I will explain everything about their relationship. Read this article in your free time and also Don’t Forget to Share with those who might need this information.


So first things first, What are they? I mean you may already know about DIabetes but let me tell you that Diabetes is not about High Blood Sugar levels. It’s all about If your Body can Utilize that Extra Sugar or Not. Our Blood Sugar level mostly rises every time after having a Heavy Meal. But what if your body can’t send that extra sugar to cells? 


Diabetes: A Simplified Explanation


A Diabetic Condition occurs because of 2 Reasons. (1) Your pancreas is no longer producing insulin or the cells that produce insulin were destroyed and (2) Your body becomes insulin resistant ( Diabetes Mellitus ).

We all know that insulin is really necessary for Glucose/Sugar absorption into Body cells. 

If your Blood Glucose Level is more than 140mg/dL then You are diabetic. 

The only reason to stop diabetes is to Stop Eating Sweets/Sugar and follow your Doctor. . Yes this is the only way you can live your life with Diabetes and Don’t Worry this is not that Hard. There are a lot of Sugar Clones available like Jaggery which you can consume for Sweet Taste.

So now You can say that Being Diabetic is not about your Sugar Level but your Insulin.

There are so many Blood Glucose Testing kits available which you can buy to check your Glucose levels.

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension


We all have seen someone refusing any Salty Food saying that “I’m Sorry I have High Blood Pressure”. Ever wondered what so-called Pressure increases in the body?. 

Do We have any motor inside or Do we have any Pump? Yes, We do have and we call it our Heart. 

The heart is the one that pumps the blood in our body and this is why We Are Alive. I’m sure you knew that fact but Do you know why our Heart is connected with High Blood Pressure or Hypertension?

Usually, our normal Blood Pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. Above that level is called Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.


Why Hypertension Occurs?


We have kilometers-long Blood Vessels in our body and their Diameter maintains our Blood Pressure. If they get narrower, it causes Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, and if they get wider then causes Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure which further leads to Hand Tremors or sometimes unconsciousness as our Brain did not get the optimum volume of Blood.

Another reason for Hypertension is High Salt Intake. Yes, it’s 100% proven that Salt causes Hypertension if you consume it excessively daily. But Why? What is the business of Salt with my Pressure?

Here, Salt is nothing but NaCl ( Sodium Chloride ) and it has Sodium molecules. One Sodium Molecule attracts 3 Water Molecules. Let me simplify it. If your body has 1 gram of NaCl then it will carry 3 Grams of Water. Now you may ask that What it has to do with my High Blood Pressure?

We have almost 3-5 liters of Blood in the Body. Blood has 98% Water and 2% Other Content like Red Blood cells, White Blood Cells, Antibodies, etc.

Now our Blood gets circulated all over the body and reaches the Kidney where it gets filtered and Water with other Harmful Content such as Urea, Uric Acid is excreted out. But if you have more Sodium in your Blood then It will keep the water in your body. I mean that extra water which was excreted out as urine will stay inside. This doesn’t mean you won’t get urine but you’ll get less urine if you have Hypertension.

Now the sodium kept that extra volume of water and hence Blood Volume Increased. Right? Now, what if your Heart pushes more blood through Narrower Vessels? It has to Pump more to pass the Blood through narrower tubes and this whole situation leads to Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

This is Why the Doctor advises you to Stop Salt if you have Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

Almost 10-20% of People above 30 may get Hypertension. Hypertension is a Chronic or Long-Lasting Condition if remains Untreated. Now Don’t get afraid because this line is not that much scarier as it looks. Yes, Hypertension is Chronic but the thing is that it won’t harm you if you stay within your Lane. Now What I mean by Lane is Your Diet. 

Symptoms of Hypertension/High Blood Pressure


Here are a few symptoms you can cross-check. Remember these systems are not confirmatory symptoms that stamps that You have Hypertension or High Blood Pressure. 

I have seen some patients with High Blood Pressure or Hypertension complaining about having a mild Headache for 3-4 days. Sometimes you feel the Shortness of Breath. Chest Pain may be the reason behind Hypertension in most cases but remember there are other factors also there that can cause chest pain. Another symptom is that your vision gets a little blurry because of increased intraocular pressure. But remember that this is also the same symptom for Glaucoma. Because of High Blood Pressure, you may also find urine in your Blood.

Talk with your doctor if these symptoms are lasting for more than 1-2 days and immediately consult your doctor if you had chest pain. Because Better Prevent than Tolerate.


Is Hypertension Long Lasting?


As I mentioned earlier, Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a Chronic Condition which means it lasts for a long time.

But Don’t you think that while drinking a lot of water may lead to the same Hypertension or High Blood Pressure condition? Does drinking a few extra glasses reward you with a chronic condition?

No that’s not true and even we sometimes eat a lot of Salty Food while watching our Favourite Netflix Series.

So basically it’s not like One time you drank more water or one time you ate more salt and boom your pressure is High.

No, it’s not that merciless 🙂 Let me tell you Why Hypertension or High Blood Pressure gets a Chronic Title?

The Real Reason is Your Blood Vessels. Yes, because our vessels get resistant to that High Blood Pressure or Hypertension because of not following the diet and taking too much salt inside.

But remember that these are the arteries that get resisted Not the Heart. It still has to pump with more force to push the Blood. That’s why if you keep the Hypertension untreated, you may invite Heart Problems as well.

I will talk about Heart Problems in another Blog as this Blog is dedicated to the relationship between Diabetes and Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

What is the Treatment of Hypertension?


There is no Specific Drug for Hypertension but it is a combined approach of Drug Therapy + Lifestyle Changes.

First of all, let me repeat that You Don’t Have to Worry About Hypertension. You are not gonna die because of that.

But also remember that you have to modify your diet to a little extent. It’s all about lowering Salt Intake or stop the Salt Completely.

Drug Treatments include Vasodilators ( which widens your blood vessels ), Diuretics ( which cause more urination so that extra water can be removed ). Mostly these 2 kinds of drugs are used but Do Not Take Any Of Them Without Your Doctor’s Permission. This Article is all about education.

After the drug therapy, your doctor may tell you to stop the drugs and start the Lifestyle Change.

He will tell you to Stop Salt Intake, Do Pranayam ( Breathing Yoga ), Light Exercises, Less Caffeine, lose some fat, and most importantly Zero Stress. 

And if you see, this lifestyle modification is not too hard to follow and it is even healthy for a person who has no High Blood Pressure. 


Now it was all about the basics of Hypertension and Diabetes but the main thing is still untold.

I have heard Questions that were like

“Are Sweets and Salts our enemies or necessary for the body?”

I will answer every doubt here.

Relationship between Diabetes and Hypertension


Almost half of the people with Diabetes will have High Blood Pressure or Cardiac Complications. Here is the reason…

In Diabetes, there is hardening of our Blood Vessels. That means they lose their elasticity to some extent so the Heart needs to pump harder to pass the Blood and eventually you get Hypertension. 

Remember that You have to contact your doctor if you feel any pain in your chest. Because this can be diabetes or Hypertension or High Blood Pressure. 

And on the other side, if your Blood pressure exceeds 150-160 level then you may have a Higher blood Glucose/Sugar Level. That’s why Hypertension can also lead to DIabetic Conditions as insulin levels may decrease. 

There is still research going on to find the exact key factor which is the reason for Diabetes and Hypertension Connection.

But this is the foremost reason why if you get diabetes, you may also get Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

Remember that these diseases look scary because Doctors add Chronic words to them but you have read that they don’t require any expenses if you finally modify your diet and live with it without taking a lot of stress.

Remember to consult your doctor if you had any of these symptoms, especially Chest Pain.

And even in normal life, we should never exceed our consumption of anything.


Thank You for reading and I hope I added something knowledgeable in your life with the simplest language possible.

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