Are you tired of seeing that Big Belly topping you from wearing your favorite Pants? Or can’t go to the gym every day because of your heavy work schedule? And if you’re facing problems to reduce your belly fat. Then you’re at the right blog because I will be telling you the easiest way to lose Belly Fat. These tricks will help you to reduce stomach fat and the best way to burn belly fat.

How to Reduce Belly Fat


If you search on the internet, you will find tons of articles and videos showing the ways to reduce belly fat. But not all of them are working or proved to reduce belly fat. Then what should you choose to lose belly fat? Which is the easiest way to reduce belly fat?

Before you start thinking about anything to lose belly fat, let me tell you about How your belly is storing so much fat inside. But before you start reading further, let me tell you that it is never an easy job to reduce belly fat. Yes, I will give you tips to lose belly fat but you have to stick to that routine to lose belly fat. I will tell you the best way to burn belly fat and also diet to lose belly fat. There is no special Mantra to lose belly fat in a week but yes if you will stick to the routine and do the exercise to reduce belly fat, you will get results for sure.

Before we go ahead, there is something I would like to mention. Belly fat is not the sign to judge your personality or character. We are living in 2021 where we love to eat junk food and enjoy chilling with Netflix and french fries. So if you are feeling unconfident because of that big belly, remember that Belly is not the sign to judge your character. You’re good with your shape and you need to enjoy it. But it is also true that a high amount of fat can be unhealthy and sometimes dangerous and so does junk food. That’s why I would advise you to follow at least a healthy diet plan and go out to stretch your body. There is no harm in doing that 🙂

Reasons behind Belly Fat


There are several reasons but one reason is true. Which is Junk Food, and junk food is the biggest enemy for your belly.

You have to say a Big NO to junk foods because they are one of them who puts lots of Saturated Fats in your body which takes weeks or months to be digested or burned from your body. I don’t mean that you should not eat a single piece of pizza ever. No that’s not the truth. But what I mean is To Control Junk Food if you don’t want to get fat and STOP JUNK FOOD if your belly is getting bigger every month.

Now let me tell you that, if you’re seriously willing to lose belly fat and if you’re up to lose belly fat in a week then you have to say NO to Junk Food from today. Yes, don’t eat them even if your friends are pushing. Because avoiding junk food is the starting of the best diet to lose belly fat.

Now, the second reason which keeps your belly as a Fat tank is Lack of Exercise.

I won’t put all the reasons here because there are so many but at least avoiding Junk Food and starting exercising is the best way to reduce belly fat. 

If you’re sitting on the sofa for like 5-6 hours chilling with Netflix with your junk food then my friend, we have some real problems here. 

Laziness is the second enemy for Belly. The more you sit and sleep, the more your body will start storing fat in your belly. So my friend, get up and start doing the exercise to reduce belly fat. See this process is Slow. you won’t see Significant results in one day or one week, you gotta work on yourself every day till you reduce stomach fat. 

First I will share a diet to lose belly fat and then exercise to reduce belly fat. There are many ways to reduce belly fat but what I will be sharing will be common and easy to fit into your heavy work schedule. But as I said, there is no such Mantra that will make you lose belly fat in a week. You have to do exercise to reduce belly fat and follow a diet to lose belly fat.

Best Way to Burn Belly Fat and diet to lose belly fat

Now let me tell you the first step to reducing stomach fat. The diet to lose belly fat. See I won’t be recommending any Drugs or Medicines. I will just tell you the modification of your regular diet to lose belly fat. Follow these simple diet tips to lose belly fat.

First things first, Never spend a single penny on those so-called Fat Burner Medicines. They will do fat burning for sure but will give you some side effects which you can never imagine.

And second thing is that, Stop using food with saturated Fatty Acid. This is a bit of biology but let me simplify it for you. Saturated Fatty Acid does not get digested properly or converted into something else. What it does is to get stored in your belly and below arms. There are ways to reduce belly fat but at least avoiding food with Saturated Fatty Acid is the best preventive way to lose belly. You have to add Food with Unsaturated Fatty Acid or Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid ( PUFA ) because that fat is going to be digested inside your body and will produce energy out of it instead of getting stored. Here are quick tips to lose belly fat.

Squeeze a lemon in a lukewarm glass of water and add 1 TSP honey and drink this in the morning with an empty stomach. Believe me, this lemon honey water is the best Natural Fat Burner. Lemon will burn fat and honey will detox your body.

You can even add Ginger for a spicy taste.

And the last thing about the diet is that you should use more Protein-rich food. Protein is better than that saturated fat which will also help you build up muscles. 

So, this is all about diet to reduce body fat. Follow these diet tips to reduce belly fat. Following this simple diet plan is the easiest way to reduce body fat.

Don’t go anywhere because I have some more tips to lose belly fat.

The second part here is about exercise to reduce belly fat. 


  • Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat


Certainly, there are many exercises to reduce belly fat but very few of them reduce stomach fat. You don’t need a gym to lose belly fat. I will give you some exercises to reduce belly fat at home.

Surely these exercises will be tough at the starting but as long as you keep practicing, these exercises will reduce your belly fat.


[1] Mountain Climbing

As the name suggests, this exercise is similar to Mountain Climbing.

No, don’t start searching for the nearest mountains as this is not real mountain climbing.

All you need to do is to 

  1. Get in the Plank Position and pull the belly button to the spine 
  2. Bend your left leg and try to touch the knee to your chest as shown in the figure and bring it back to the main Plank Position
  3. Do the same with the Right leg
  4. Try to do this exercise with speed and do at least 15 Rounds every day.

This exercise will reduce belly fat and will make Abs muscles stronger.

[2] Russian Twist

This is very easy to perform the exercise to reduce belly fat. This exercise works on the belly and spine so your spine may also get some advantages.

Here is how you will do this exercise…


  1. Sit with straight legs on the floor
  2. Slightly bend the backside like sitting on a chair position.
  3. Twist your body from left to right and then from right to left. Remember not to twist more than your control or else it may damage you as well.
  4. Do this 30 times every day 


This twisting exercise will burn belly fat and you can also do this exercise after your work so your spine also gets an advantage.


[3] Running


Running is the most effective exercise to reduce belly fat. You can run in the early morning to sweat out the extra fat in your belly.

[4] Cycling

If you have a cycle, then you don’t need any other exercises because cycling is the exercise of your whole body. Keep the Nature of Body simple and don’t press your money and yourself under the Gym to reduce belly fat.


[5] Yoga

Yoga is very effective and a slow exercise where you don’t need to push your body much.

Practicing yoga daily will help you to reduce belly fat.

Here is some Yogasana which you can perform…

  1. Surya Namaskar: This is like an all Yoga Combo where the whole body is getting a massage and this Yoga will give you the energy to work efficiently
  2. Bhujangasana: This is also called Cobra Pose. Where your spine will be stretched and you will feel relaxed
  3. Dhanurasana: This is also called Bow Pose. This is nearly the same as Bhujangasana but a bit tough to perform. Practicing it can greatly reduce belly fat.
  4. Naukasana: This is also called Boat Pose. This is like the reversed pose of Bhujangasana


These 4 Yoga Asanas will help you to reduce body fat.


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