Pregnancy period is a very special time in a women’s life. Moreover, the mother tries her best to provide her child the best care possible. We are confident that right from the beginning even before his/her birth you want to take the best care of it. The diet you intake during pregnancy affects the child in the womb a lot. Moreover, a proper diet can ensure a proper growth of the child in the womb. That being said you might be looking for the best pregnancy diet chart.

The food that you intake at this time must be appropriately balanced. It should be rich with all the micro as well as macronutrients. Also, all of the nutrients must be in the right quantities. So let us take a close look at the most critical ingredients to consume at this very specia time. 

Why follow the right pregnancy diet chart?

Pregnancy is a crucial period for all women. It is a time when you would be going through various types of hormonal changes. Therefore it would affect you in various ways. These could range from mood swings to loss of appetite, feeling nauseous, and lots more. How you approach, it is of prime importance. It comes with a long list of dos and dont’s. Besides, you can also do Yoga for better health. Yoga will keep your healthy as well as yoga will glow your skin.

Out of the many things that need attention, the right pregnancy diet chart is very important. Because along with your health, the baby’s growth and health get determined from it as well. Thus what you consume must have a nutritional balance, but at the same time, it must be digestible too. Besides, your diet must provide you adequate energy. So you need to be carefully considered all these factors before finalizing your pregnancy diet chart. Given below are essential nutrients that are critically important in your diet during this time:

Protein: the essential nutrient of every pregnancy diet chart

Protein is the essential macronutrient that everybody needs, especially for pregnant mothers and newborn children. As known to all, they act as the building blocks of the body. Thus it is the most critical factor that determines the growth of the baby. So this would ultimately decide how well the organs, blood, and bones would grow. Along with this, it also helps to boost the immunity system of the body. 

Protein is the nutrient that helps the body to fight diseases. To ensure you are having the right quantities of protein, you need to have foods that are rich in protein content. These would include foods like chicken, milk, eggs, dal, paneer, and so on. In your pregnancy diet chart, you need to ensure that the consumption of protein increases trimester wise. So make sure that there is no deficiency of protein in any way during your pregnancy. Protein rich foods will help to add deep-nutrition to your diet. If neglected, it could easily lead to unwanted complications. 

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Folic Acid or Folate would make your Pregnancy Diet Chart healthier.

The next most important nutrient that would make your pregnancy diet chart healthier is folic acid or folate rich food items. By consuming adequate amounts of folic acid rich food items, you would prevent any defects or abnormalities of the baby’s brain or spinal cord. Apart from this, folic acid also helps to increase the birth weight and synthesis of haemoglobin. It also reduces the chances of premature births.

The recommended allowance of folic acid or folate per day is 500 micrograms per day. Therefore the intake of this would act as a significant safeguard against various types of birth-related complications. The primary sources of this all-important diet ingredient would include spinach, papaya, chicken liver, and ripe mangoes. So you need to ensure that these foods are an integral part of your pregnancy diet chart

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Iron is essential for the pregnancy diet chart.

You would know that minerals are micronutrients which though required in smaller quantities play a critically important role in our body .Iron is one essential mineral that helps in the production of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin helps to carry oxygen in our blood. To meet the growing demands of the fetus in the pregnant mother, iron becomes essential. Because, it supplies the fetus with the right quantity of oxygen.

In the case of India, the recommended daily allowance of iron is 35 grams per day during the pregnancy period. This varies from one country to country. Besides, the deficiency of iron leads to Anemia. This, in turn, causes premature births and low weight of the newly born baby. The rich sources of iron include Soybean, spinach, goat liver methi greens, and dry dates, and so on.  

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It is also to be noted that nonvegetarian protein sources of iron are better because the iron absorption gets enhanced. You also need to add vitamin C to your diet to ensure higher iron absorption.

Calcium best for building bones and a healthy pregnancy diet chart

As a mother or father, you would want your newly born baby to have strong bones and teeth. Fortunately, the right supply of calcium in the pregnancy diet chart can do for you. It is to be noted that the mother’s milk has high calcium content. The production of mother’s milk often leads to depletion of calcium in the mother. It is owing to this reason that you need to boost the calcium amounts in your diet. Besides, calcium deficiencies ultimately lead to osteoporosis. Thus adequate care for prevention is essential.

It is recommended that a pregnant mother has at least 1200 mg of calcium per day. The sources of calcium include milk, almonds, paneer, methi, Ragi, and other sources. So during your pregnancy period, you must plenty of calcium rich foods.

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Vitamin A must be a part of a healthy diet chart.

Vitamin A is the essential micronutrient necessary for healthy eyesight. Thus this has to be an integral part of a healthy pregnancy diet chart. However, it also serves several other benefits. It is in terms of the immune function along with healthy fetal growth. It is because of this that you need to include foods that act as the significant sources of vitamin A. These would include food like butter, milk, egg, fish, etc. Carrots and tomatoes to serve as a great source of vitamin A. You could also include dried dates for your adequate intake of Vitamin A. The daily intake of Vitamin A for a pregnant lady has to be at least 800 µg per day.

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In conclusion, we suggest you to suggest these diets for a better outcome. Moreover, when it comes to the health of both the baby and the mother, a healthy pregnancy diet chart goes a long way. That’s all we have with the best pregnancy diet chart. We hope it was helpful. You can also check for more news related to this topic here. For more health and fitness updates, Stay Tuned.

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