Everyone nowadays wants to be fit and healthy. This is not just for health reasons but also for a smart appearance. Though you may be new to the gym, you must be wondering about upper body workout for beginners. Having a fit upper body ensures that you look more attractive. However, you may be utterly confused due to the vast information cluttered on the internet. If so, your search ends here.

We have been dealing with health and fitness for since long. Therefore, we are experienced enough to guide you through the entire process. In this blog, we would guide you by offering valuable tips for the process. Moreover, by following them, you can do it safely without harming your body. To understand how to do the workout, let us first of all understand what we mean by the upper body.

Understanding the Target Areas for upper body workout for beginners

Whether it is an upper body workout for beginners or any out fitness program, you need to understand the target areas first. When we speak about an upper body workout, we would usually mean the chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps area. So if you are keen to develop these specific body parts, you need to exercise accordingly. 

Why opt for upper body workout as a beginner?

As a beginner, you might think of undertaking a total body workout program, but that should not be your only option. Instead, you could easily split out your workout program and begin with the upper body separately. The advantage here is that your workouts would be shorter. Thus you would be able to stay more focused on the job at hand. As a result of a more focused effort, you would achieve your desired results faster. This, in turn, would help you to strive for more and stay disciplined at the same time. You must therefore undertake an upper body workout for beginners to get started. After that, you could make a shift. 

What to do to get started with upper body workout for beginners?

You need to realize that even if it is an upper body workout for beginners, you would have to exercise with light weights like dumbbells and resistance bands. If you have a recent injury or suffered from a bad health condition, you must consult a reliable doctor and plan your exercise accordingly. However, if it is a minor one, nevertheless, it always advisable to consult a doctor. For girls, we suggest you not to do extreme exercises during your periods. You can check out more here, Exercise During Periods | Tips, Benefits, and Risks 

To begin, you could start with short warm-up exercises. It would be best if you also avoid any exercise which puts you in some discomfort. 

The following are some simple but effective exercises that can serve excellent as an upper body workout for beginners

Modified Pushups are great as upper body workout for beginners

One great exercise which you can use to develop your upper body is modified pushups. Unlike conventional pushups, you should make some minor modifications for getting the best results. For this, you must take the help of a qualified fitness expert. Under their guidance, once you do the pushups, you would find that over time the core strength of your chest, shoulders, and biceps would develop. With higher muscle strength, you can also expect to have a better shaped upper body. Furthermore, you should gradually increase the number of pushups. Most experts recommend pushups early before getting into other exercises. 

upper body workout for beginners

Chest fly are useful to develop chest muscles.

Chest flies are the next prevalent exercise that you can use to build your chest muscles. There are multiple ways in which you can carry out the chest fly exercise. You can use a set of dumbbells for this purpose. Apart from this, one could also make use of a resistance band for carrying out chest flies. Besides, you can set up the cable pulley system at home. This will help you greatly.

The best thing to do to stay safe is that you start slowly at the outset. Mainly if you are not familiar to similar physical activity. Apart from this, you must ensure that you choose proper weights. You must consult an expert fitness guide for the entire workout. Gradually as you work out this way, you would realize that it is indeed a very effective upper body workout for beginners

Lat Pull Down a favourite workout for the upper body for beginners

Pull-ups are indeed a popular form of workout. However, fitness experts advise that as a beginner pull down exercises are far more effective than pullups. Furthermore, many experts feel that it is a great exercise routine for building up the back. The Lat pull down is indeed a great training tool. Here again, for your safety against any unwanted injury, you must start with light weights. Over time you can increase the weights and the duration gradually as well.

upper body workout for beginners

Furthermore, while doing the pulldowns ensure that you grip the bar slightly wider than the width of your shoulder. As a result of this, your pulldown-pulldown routine will be much more effective. Another important thing here is that while pulling down the bar, you must do it slowly to avoid any unwanted injuries to the shoulders. Also, while doing the pulldown-pulldowns, you may notice that your arms want to take over. However, you must deliberately prevent this and focus on form. It is also because of this reason that starting with lesser counts helps greatly. Thus fitness experts all across the world consider the lat pulldowns-pulldowns to be a great upper body workout for beginners.  

Bench press –Another superb upper body workout for beginners

The bench press is the next workout that many fitness trainers consider to be the best for building the upper part of our body. Moreover, it is one of the most preferred chest exercises that you could do. The goal of the bench press exercise is to add muscle to your upper body and especially the chest. Since the bench press works efficiently, it is highly preferred by professionals. Besides, unlike other exercises, the bench press is also quite simple. 

While doing the bench press, you are to keep your hips anchored to the bench. Following this, you must have your feet firmly planted on the ground, and with a slight arch on your lower back. After that grab the bar, and retract the shoulder blades, you need to lower to the bar. As already mentioned, this is one great exercise to strengthen your chest muscles and have a nicely shaped chest.

upper body workout for beginners

Shoulder Press simple and effective upper body workout for beginners

Last but not least upper body workout that we will talk about is the shoulder press. As you would realize, the shoulder is a prominent part of our upper body. Thus having strong, broad shoulders can indeed go a long way and give us an attractive look. The shoulder press is a simple yet very effective workout routine to build up the shoulder muscles. For this, you could hold dumbbells in both hands with an overhead grip. After that, you bend your elbows and bring your hands up to the height of either shoulder. It is to be done keeping your elbows at about 90 degrees.

The one thing that one requires to keep in mind during this workout is better control, the path of the dumbbells needs to be kept as straight as is possible. One needs to put them over one’s head such that one finishes with the biceps next to the ears. Once this is done, you need to pause and return to the initial position. However, for better safety start at a slow pace initially and then once you get you used to it, you can increase the pace. Moreover, use light weights to start with. This is another excellent upper body workout for beginners that is simple and safe but at the same time very significant indeed. 

upper body workout for beginners

In conclusion, we can indeed say that upper body workout for beginners is what most beginners seek, and that too for the right reasons. It offers many benefits, like helping beginners stay more focused on their workout regime. So you can stay more disciplined. Having a regular discipline is one of the keys to a proper workout because without it one achieves little.

Despite its benefits as a beginner who is working to develop the upper body, you need to take care of your safety. We are however confident that with the exercises mentioned above, you can have a very fit and healthy upper body quickly. Moreover, it will provide you with a radiant and attractive look too. So in case, you have decided to get started right away!!

That’s all we got with upper body workout for beginners. We hope we were helpful, Stay Tuned!

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