What if you wake up at midnight and not get back to sleep? Or what if you just slept for only 2 hours and you woke up all of a sudden? Sleeping is as essential as Water and Food. Work-life balance is required if you’re compromising your sleep every day. Sometimes it’s fine to work till late but doing this daily can cause serious Sleeping Disorders. 

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Now as we all know that a human needs an average of 7 Hours of Undisturbed sleep daily to wake up with fresh energy and a big smile. But sometimes we do forget that our Work Load or Netflix can bring us to some of the worst sleeping disorders. 

That’s why I wrote this blog to remind you that How Essential Your Sleep is.

Why Do We Need This Much Sleep every day?

I know that this Question may sound foolish. I mean everyone needs to sleep because If you won’t sleep ever, you may sleep forever ( Hope you got that ). Nowadays Sleep is like Gold and not everyone is affording the full of it. Everyone is having a busy day and lots of things to reschedule, rework or recreate but my god we have only 24 hours in a day. So we try to manage our work at Night and after a long term of this, you may get some serious sleeping disorders.

I’m not saying that you should leave work for your sleep but you need to understand that Sleep is Important. Without sleep, you will end up ruining your next day. If you’re going to the gym, you’ll probably notice that Not getting Enough Sleep is Not Making Your Abs. And this is true. When we’re working out in a gym, our muscles get overloaded and there are several micro-tears created inside. Don’t worry they are not gonna split your hands but Micro tears are important to strengthen the muscle you’re working on. And surprisingly these microtears are healed only when you’re sleeping. That’s why attending gym after not sufficient sleep can lead to muscle damage as well.

Now you might have heard that Elon Musk only sleeps for 4-5 hours and He is already in his 50s. Why is he so fit and well? But let me tell you that, there were other scientists like Albert Einstein who used to sleep 8-10 hours every day to keep his brain working. Now I’m not going to tell you that you should follow Elon Musk or Einstein as they already got what they wanted but for people like you and me, There is a lot more to obtain but this doesn’t mean you should start cutting out super extending your sleeping time.

Less Sleep or More Sleep?

As we know that we need at least 7 hours of sleep every day or it may cause some sleeping disorders. But what would you choose between Sleeping for Less Time ( 4-5 Hours ) or Sleeping for more time ( 8-10 Hours )? Probably you’ll choose to sleep more because it’s fun doing nothing and watching dreams for a longer time than to sleep for 5 hours and go back to work.

The answer to this question depends on you. If you’re having daily workloads and you only get to sleep for 5 hours but still feel fine on the other day. Then it’s fine but remember that it is still 2 Hours Lesser than Average Sleep. So you may also get some of these sleeping disorders which I’m going to talk about. And if you’re a freelancer or a Shop Owner and can sleep for longer then I got a warning for you too as well because 10 Hours are 2 hours more than 8 hours.

When you sleep less, your mind gets exhausted and when you sleep more, you feel a heavy head, lack of activity, laziness, or poor digestive power.

These all things circulate among your Sleeping TIme.

What are Sleeping Disorders? And Why do I need to get serious?

First of all, you need to know what causes Sleeping Disorders. Of Course, it’s your daily routine and habits. Here, I mean your diet as well. Some foods if taken before sleep can greatly affect your sleeping pattern and can cause your Sleeping DIsorders.

But what are these Sleeping Disorders and What they Do?

You will be surprised after knowing that each 1/3rd person in the USA is facing these sleeping disorders and nearly 70 students out of 100 are not getting the Average 7 Hours of Sleep daily because of their schoolwork and Exams.

Most people get these sleeping disorders because of taking too much stress. In India, there is a famous proverb that goes something like, “ Stress is like the Pyre where Pyre burns the dead and Stress burns the living “. If you don’t get the meaning, let me simplify it for you. If you’re stressing a lot, you’re eventually burning yourself alive. Not in reality but inside, you worry about a lot of things that you don’t control so it is like wasting time, energy, and Sleep.

If sleeping disorders persist, they may end you up in a medical condition where you have to visit Mental Hospitals as well.

Types of Sleeping Disorders

There are several types of sleeping disorders and I will be writing their symptoms as well but remember that, If you match any of them, Don’t Freak Out because it is not always the Disorders running inside. If you feel sick about them then pay a visit to the doctor.

This article is just for Education Purpose.

  • Insomnia

This is a common sleeping disorder in teenagers and also in adults as well. Sometimes even I faced this insomnia where patients can’t remain Asleep or they don’t get sleep at all. It has many reasons including Poor Digestion, Very Heavy Meal, Stomach Infection ( Not Always ), Too much Stressing out. Insomnia is something You should work on if it is occurring every single day and you have to move to sleep pills. Because it is natural that our brain gets tired and falls asleep after a long and busy day but not getting sleep at night is something you should take care of. 

Every 2nd American is facing this Insomnia in their work-life but If it persists, stop wasting time on sleeping pills and visit your Doctor.

There are several home remedies as well to treat insomnia in the initial phases like Placing a Flower Pot with natural flowers, Not drinking caffeinated drinks at night, walk for 10 minutes before you go to bed, don’t take a heavy meal before night, and especially Don’t Stress Out or Don’t Overthink a lot during night times.

  • Sleep Apnea

Sometimes you may feel like Breathlessness while Sleeping or you have to force yourself to breathe properly. This sleeping disorder is called Sleep Apnea. This condition can lead to waking up at night because of breathlessness, your brain may not get enough oxygen. If you’re feeling this daily, you need to be serious about it and get yourself checked up in the Hospital.

This Sleeping Disorder is common in patients with HIgh Cholesterol and Obesity. Because of excessive fat, you may have trouble breathing.

  • Parasomnia

Ever felt any abnormal movement in your body muscles while you were asleep? Like you’re an adult and still wet your bed at night or you start walking in sleep. Or your partner or parents may hear you talking while you were asleep. If you’re facing this daily, you may have parasomnia or similar problems but it signs to Pay a Visit To Doctor.

  • Narcolepsy

This is the sleeping disorder where you get Instant Sleep Attacks when you’re not sleeping. Now I’m not talking about those School Lectures which make you sleep but if you’re working somewhere and get this instant tiredness attack or feeling dizzy or sleepy, you need to visit your doctor because this may happen if You’re Driving.

  • Restless Leg Syndrome

This is usually occurring in Mental Patients and also in normal people under any neuro medication. Here, there is over the movement of your leg which is hard to control. Beware if you are facing this, Do Not Drive at all. 

How these Sleeping Disorders are Treated?

Every problem has a solution and so does with these sleeping disorders. Doctors usually start treatment with a mild dose of Sleeping Pills. They also give melatonin supplements to regulate our daily sleep cycle. 

Sometimes Patients with these sleeping disorders may chew or damage their tongue and teeth. That’s why doctors provide teeth guards to prevent any additional images. 

These medications have their list depending on which Sleeping Disorder you have. 

But remember one thing, Do Not take an overdose of any of these pills or drugs as they directly act on your brain hence they can damage the core of your body.

Apart from Sleeping pills, doctors also ask for Lifestyle Changes. It includes diet, exercise, and few mild medications which help to treat these sleeping disorders. 

Some lifestyle changes also include Weight Loss Therapy, Ayurvedic Treatments, and few other psychological treatments.

Today we have modern medical science and yes it has more advanced treatments available but Risking Your Health over Wealth is not good at all 🙂

So I hope that after knowing all of these, you’ll look after your sleeping pattern and try to get the sufficient sleep possible. Prevention is Better than Cure and remembers to Maintain a Balance between your Work-Life and Sleep. As we spend nearly 1/3rd of our life in bed so ignoring sleep is something that can lead to dangerous sleeping disorders or furthermore severe psychological conditions as well.

So, Remember to Sleep well, and Don’t forget to check out our other Articles for more simplified Health and Disease Information.