When we say body-building, your arms are the most enriching part of the body for the workout. You can have a perfect body shape with adroit good looking arms.

Proper biceps workout is the key to building stronger arms, increasing your lifting power, and making you attractive.

Strong biceps are for better aesthetic and better stretching power because the increased strength for stretching can help you with a range of exercises that depend on this speed. Whereas some basic effort for your biceps workout can be performed by anyone or anywhere. Besides, more advanced workouts fall into the category of ‘professional only,’ which only be done by experienced bodybuilders. 

Now, let’s look at the most common biceps workout and their procedures, which can help you be a muscleman. 


Chin Ups

Chin-ups are one of the best callisthenic exercises to build up a massive biceps and boost your stamina and strength. To do this exercise, you need to hold a bar with a little hand’s grip. Then jump on to the bar, such that you are supported with your arms on a rod. Now you need to pull yourself until your chest touches the bar. It would be best if you did this until you get tired.

biceps workout

Standing Barbell Curl

Standing Barbell curl was the most common biceps training of any beginner worldwide because this exercise is an easy but a good source to be a muscular man. To do this exercise, you need to grab a barbell with your underhand along your shoulder’s width grip and’s palm facing out. Ensure that the barbell is at your waist level, and then try to straighten your knees and back slowly, then closen it to your chest to make sure your biceps follow the natural expansion and contraction. This is also a good complete upper body workout.

biceps wprkout

Standing Barbell curls

Push up position hammer curl

Push up position hammer curl is one of the advanced biceps workout. In this exercise, you need to do curls in a push-up position, resting your full body weight on your one arm. 

biceps workout

push up hammer curls

EZ-Bar Preacher curl

This exercise is one of the best biceps workout. EZ-Bar is a variety of Preacher curls.

In this exercise, you need to place your hands at a preacher machine, hold the EZ bar with your two hands at the distance of 6 inches each apart and then pull the EZ bar backside, slowly pull it close to your chin as how much you can do.


Decline Dumbbell curl

Lie down or use a support with your body facing the ground on an incline bench. Now use your dumbbells, but this time gravity is against you.

biceps workout

Declined dumbbell surls

Incline Dumbbell curl

Practise Dumbbell curls on an inclined bench, which helps you to get a perfect muscular body.

biceps workout

Kneeling Single arm curl

Kneeling curls makes you unbalanced and puts hard pressure on the arms’ two to keep a smooth movement.

biceps workout, kneeling single arm curl


Push-ups are a good source of building body strength, and push-ups are the most common way to build up your muscles. To do this exercise, you need to get into a plank position, now place your palm at the ground and make your body floating only the palms and feet are placed on the ground. Now try to touch the ground with your chest and then continuously do this until you get tired.


Zottman curl

This exercise is very beneficial to make abs or muscles because it helps you to get stable when making curl motions. To do this exercise, you have to hold one dumbell in both hands facing towards, keeping your back straight now lower both dumbells and then up.

biceps workout

Concentration curls 

Concentration curls help to develop your muscles more strong and powerful. It improves the body’s function of aesthetic. To do this exercise, grab a dumbell in your right hand. Put your elbow on to the thigh of your right leg, then slowly lower the dumbell down to the floor without moving your elbow closen the dumbbell to your chest. Repeat this process to several reps.

biceps workout

Concentration Curl

Last Words

You can follow the given exercise to get a well defined biceps. Make sure to take necessary safety measures while practising these exercises. Furthermore it is not only about the exercise or workout. You also need to care about your health, nutrition value, and diet. To do this you have to play sports to be fit and reliable for your body. 

That’s all we’ve got with best biceps workout. For more health and fitness tips, Stay tuned!