Are you eagerly waiting for Diwali 2020? Undoubtedly, Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals for most of us in India. The festival of lights brings great joy to all. Along with new clothes that we flaunt, most of us can hardly resist the mouth-watering Diwali foods. Though this year the celebrations could be a bit tepid, due to the COVID 19 pandemic still we are all super excited for sure.

Along with the crackers, many of us might also be looking forward to feast on delicious foods. Yet owing to the health hazards that we face now, we need to be extra careful. So here we have five healthy Indian foods that would keep you fit and healthy and thereby enjoy Diwali at the utmost:

Consume dry fruit Ladoos for a healthy Diwali 2020

When it comes to Diwali food or any other Indian festival, Ladoos always tops the list. Moreover, it is likely to remain the same for Diwali 2020. However, you must have noticed that most of the traditional Indian Ladoos are often soaked in ghee and sugar. You would know that neither of the two is healthy. Thus you need to replace the traditional ones with the Ladoos made from dry fruits and nuts. Nuts and dry fruits are a great source of protein, but it also helps to build the body immunity. Along with this, they are a great energy source as well. Therefore by having them, you would be better protected against the deadly Corona Virus. 

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Have Roasted Poha Chivda for Diwali 2020

The next healthy Diwali 2020 food you must not miss out on is roasted Poha Chivda. Without any doubt, you would know that this is a typical salty snack very popular across all Indian households. Since not much oil is required to cook this tasty snack, you need not worry about excess oil consumption. Thus with the roasted Poha chivda, you can enjoy Diwali and need not worry about your health, which is so essential in this pandemic.

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Baked Shakkapare the next healthy snack for Diwali 2020

Shakkapare, as you must know, is a popular snack that is widespread, especially in north India. However, you might also realize that the traditional recipe used here is refined flour and pure desi ghee. Instead of frying them, the healthier alternative could be baking them. Besides, you need to use whole wheat flour for preparing it. As a result of some minor changes, you can ensure that the snack becomes healthier and ideal for the upcoming Diwali 2020.  

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Whole Wheat Papdis can make Diwali 2020 healthier.

The next healthy Indian food to consider for the upcoming Diwali 2020 is the whole wheat Papdis. However, there are some minor changes that you need to make. Papdis as you know, is again a trendy Indian snack, especially in Northern India. But you need to replace the traditional method of frying with baking. Apart from this, make sure that you use whole wheat. The reason is that whole wheat is an excellent source of fiber in our bodies. Fiber has a host of health benefits associated with them.

Whole Wheat Nankhatai could be perfect during Diwali 2020

Last but not least whole wheat nankhatai is another healthy snack that you need to consider for Diwali 2020. Nankhatai, in general, you would know, is another popular Indian snack prepared from all-purpose flour. But for a healthier version of it, you need to use whole wheat instead. Therefore you need not compromise on taste, but also you can stay healthy as well.

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Foods to avoid in diwali 2020

People enjoy many dishes in diwali, however we suggest you to avoid any unhealthy food. In today’s condition, you cannot your risk your immune system jus for the sake for good food. All of use are already aware of the pandemic conditions. Thus, maintaining our immune system is one of the major steps to avoid COVID-19 infection. Given below are some foods you must avoid in diwali 2020.

Oily foods

Try to avoid oily foods. They are unhealthy for your body. We know most of the dishes during festivals need oils in their recipe. However, we suggest you to avoid these foods or at least try to consume a very less amount of them. Moreoer, if you are a diabetes patient then don’t risk your health. Try to enjoy healthy foods as mentioned above.

Street foods

As we all know the unlock process has been started and people are getting back to normal routine. The street food market has also started and people has started to enjoy these foods. However, we should not consume street foods because COVID-19 is still present in our environment. oreover, most of the street food vendors do not hygiene as their top priority. So make sure to avoid street foods. Besides, you can try to cook them at your home. But make sure to try healthy ones only.

To summarize, we are sure that arranging these five healthy Indian foods would help you stay healthy without compromising on taste for Diwali 2020. Make sure to eat healthyfood during this COVID-19 pandemice.

We hope these dishes will taste up your mouth with delicious food along with maintaining good health.

That’s all we’ve got with the best healthy indian dishes you can try in Diwali 2020. For more health and fitness updates, Stay tuned.

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