Welcome back dear Healthy People to your website HealthyVio. I’m back with another controversial topic to discuss that is How Your Hormones Affect Fat Storage and Weight Loss. We all know that Hormones regulate our body system. Without hormones, we might not survive. Apart from Blood and Muscles, Hormones are the 3rd and most important components in our body systems.

Here I will discuss a few topics like How your hormones affect fat storage and weight loss and also I will take a few questions like remedies for weight gain due to hormonal imbalance, What does hormone weight gain look like, How to increase fat-burning hormones?

We all know that Hormones play a decent role in our body system but after reading the title, you may ask that How hormones like Cortisol and Estrogen can help to lose weight fast.

This article will talk about all the roles that hormones will play in our bodies.

How Hormones Regulate Body?

If you have no idea how they affect our body system then here is a little description of their roles.

We have so many hormones and I can’t describe so many here or else my article will turn into an Ebook.

The hormones, which are released by various glands in our body, are important because they regulate the function of our organs and help to keep the human body in a state that is called homeostasis. They also regulate such processes as growth, lactation, tissue repair, immunity, and inflammation.

In addition to their effects on the functions mentioned above, hormones also directly or indirectly affect weight gain and weight maintenance. A person’s weight is largely dependent on whether he or she is overweight or underweight. The hormones involved in this process are the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), growth hormone (GH), and insulin. These hormones control the hunger of the body, improve physical performance, build muscle, and/or lose fat depending on their concentration in the blood.

In this article, I will also talk in detail about LH or Luteinizing Hormone, Weight Loss, and also on other Hormones which affect Fat Storage and Weight Loss.

Hormones That Affect Fat Storage and Vice Versa

I have listed out a few Hormones here and their effects. I will also talk about the solutions. I will talk about the conditions that are occurring at hormonal levels in Obes people.

Obesity Hormones: There are no such hormones that have a direct correlation with obesity but yes there is one hormone named Oestrogen or Estrogen, which can affect our body badly because whenever there is an excess amount of fat, Estrogen increases the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases and sometimes Breast Cancer too and this causes because of Obesity... See we have noticed that in pregnancy, body fat is increased in the Pelvic area and breasts also get larger sometimes. This is because an increase in the amount of Estrogen causes the Distribution of Fat in Breasts and Hips and is the real reason for Obesity. I will also talk about How to lose weight fast here.

Growth Hormone (GH): After reviewing Obesity Hormones, let’s talk about GH. There is no such Direct relation of GH with Fat Storage but here is something that might help Doctors. In Obes people, GH levels are lower compared to normal weighted people. Increasing or Decreasing GH levels can not help to lose weight faster as there is no such direct relation between GH and Weight Loss.

Insulin: I have talked about Insulin and Diabetes in Detail. And if you don’t know about how Insulin works or How diabetes works then I will provide all the links at the bottom. Now coming to the main topic, If you are obese then there are chances that Insulin doesn’t work in your body properly. Because of obesity, there are many chances that insulin may lose its control of Glucose uptake. You will also find how to lose weight fast in this article. An increase or decrease in the level of insulin can’t help to lose weight fast. Insulin is meant for Glucose only not with Fat but yes it also helps glucose from Fat Storage. 

Sex Hormones: These are involved in the distribution of Body Fat. They also have a role in Obesity conditions and sometimes we might get into problems because of them. We have Oestrogens and Androgens in our body which are here for the distribution of Fat. Estrogens are found in Females and formed from Ovaries for Reproduction Purposes. 

In Men, they are formed and developed in Testicles. These Hormones in females start storing Fat in the Pelvic and Breast area and sometimes they get out of control and can cause diseases like Cardiovascular Diseases or sometimes Breast Cancer as well. They can be targeted to lose weight fast. This is how Estrogens affect.

LH or Luteinizing Hormones: Scientists found that LH has a direct relation with Fat. and that if a woman is more obes, means she has more fat in breasts then it will lead to Low LH or Luteinizing Hormone Secretion. This experiment of LH was done on Korean Girls with all the precautions. There were almost 234 Korean girls who were studied to check the effects of LH. And in that study, they found that overweight girls had low LH production compared to normal weighted girls. LH levels can be considered to categorize the person into Obesity and Normal Weight Category. 

Whatever I’m mentioning here are the hormones that affect Fat Storage but not about how to lose weight fast. I will talk about how to lose weight fast later in this article.

Leptin: From our Fat Cells, Leptin is released to send certain messages to the Brain. Now you can notice that Leptin is something that is correlated with Fat here. Whenever there is an increase in the level of leptin clearly shows an increase in the level of Fat cells because more Fat cells are equal to more Leptin secretion. If you are Obes then there is a high level of leptin and yes this High level of Leptin can be a measurement to check if you are obese or not. But sometimes our fat cells do not produce enough Leptin and this is because of Gens. I will be explaining Weight Loss further in this article.

Cortisol: If you search on the Internet, you will find that certain brands use cell cortisol as Obesity Controller or for Weight loss. We all know that Cortisol is a Stress Hormone and it is developed and secreted from Adrenal Glands. Cortisol maintains so many things including Blood Pressure, Metabolism of Fat, which Helps insulin to stimulate so that Carbohydrate or Glucose Metabolism can be done. Yes, Cortisol affects Fat Storage and in the end, Cortisol is left with one job which is to reduce fat from our Body or we can say decrease Fat Storage. Cortisols are also when increased can lower your Testosterone Level which is bad apart from Fat reduction in Fat Storages. Yes, Cortisols can indeed help you to lose weight fast but cortisols come with Disadvantages too as I mentioned about Testosterone Levels.

Hormones that Can Help to Lose Weight Fast

After reading How hormones like Insulin, LH, Leptin, Estrogen have roles in Obesity but not every Hormone has a similar role in Weight Loss. Estrogens were just there to distribute the fat in pregnancy and Leptin and Lh were there to measure the Obesity level. 

Here we will talk about apart from just measuring by LH or Leptin, How other hormones can aid the weight loss process and can help you lose weight fast. 

But Here Leptin was standing out in front of Scientists and found that Leptin can also help in Weight Loss. There is a simple mechanism of Leptin here. Leptin does what? 

Fat Metabolism right. Its ability to reduce fat naturally was the reason why scientists were curious about Leptin but not in other hormones like insulin, estrogens, LH.

Apart from Leptin, there is another hormone named Adiponectin which was also found to be as useful as Leptin. I talked about Leptin’s relation with just fat cells but here I’m making it clear that Leptin is also helping in weight loss but yet researches are being done. This statement regarding Leptin’s use in how to lose weight fast was given by Rexford Ahima from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Scientists are trying to make drugs based on Leptin or Adiponectin and also on cortisol to help Obes people for weight loss. 


Yes, I can conclude that Some hormones do have a role in Fat Burning like Leptin, Adiponectin but some hormones like Sex Hormones can show their worst effect with an increase in the amount of Fat.

Different Hormones and their DIfferent Roles. Please do not try to elevate your hormone levels to lose weight fast because they must decrease excessive Fat storage. Estrogens, Insulin and Cortisol have their specific role and have a lesser effect elsewhere so they can be used as Catalyst in Obesity but not as Full Treatment.

Take Doctors Advice whenever necessary.