In India, two varieties of chickpeas are widely consumed, Kala chana and Kabuli chana. Moreover, India is the leading producer of chana in the world. 67% of the total production of the world is done in India. These chana varieties are the main ingredient of several dishes in India.

Kala Chana is a legume enriched with nutrients like protein, fiber, and carbohydrate. Kala chana nutrition can serve as a main course staple in your snack or help you kill your boredom hunger. You can eat sprouted chana by soaking them in water overnight. Furthermore, we will now share Kala Chana nutrition and its health benefits.

Kala Chana Nutrition Info

Given below is a table with the type and amount of nutrition per 100 grams of Kala Chana.


Nutrition Amount per 100grams
1- Calories 364
2- Cholestrol 0 mg
3- Sodium 24 mg
4- Potassium 875 mg
5- Total Carbohydrate 61g
6- Protein 19g

7- Total Fat

8- Fibre



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Vitamin A – 1%

Vitamin B-6 – 25%

Vitamin D – 0%

Vitamin C – 6%

Other Minerals

Iron – 34%

Calium – 10%

Magnesium- 28%

Kala Channa Health Benefits

Kala chana nutrition can benefit your body in several ways. As we mentioned earlier, Kala channa is rich in Iron, Protein, and other essential nutrients. These nutrients significantly affect our health. Moreover, it also prevents our body from several diseases.

Here are some health benefits Kala Chana Nutrition can provide.

Helps in proper digestion

Kala Chana consumption can improve your digestion because of the high amount of fibers present in it. In addition to this, it releases the stress of your intestine. Many Ayurveda masters suggest eating a handful of soaked Kala channa in the early morning to prevent digestive problems. So make sure to utilize this Kala Chana nutrition to improve your digestive system. You can also eat kala chana before workout.

Aids in Weight loss

Foods rich in fibers reduces hunger and thus help in weight loss. Moreover, consuming Kala Chana facilitates bile excretion, which helps in smooth digestion. Besides, many traditional ways suggest consuming Kala chana with warm water to reduce your appetite and lose weight.

kala chana nutrition


Maintains Blood Sugar Level

The low glycemic index of Kala Chana avoids a rapid spike in the Blood Sugar level. Furthermore, carbohydrates and fiber help in the slow absorption of sugar in the blood. Eventually, the blood sugar level doesn’t make a sudden spike because of these factors.

Stops Hairfall and cleans Dandruff

Kala Chana is rich in Vitamin B6 and zinc. These minerals help in faster hair growth. Moreover, Vitamin b6 and zinc helps in building protein in the hairs, hence strengthening them. Besides, there is a home remedy that can help you get rid of dandruff problems. Applying the Kala Chana floor to your scalp with water can diminish hair fall problems along with providing shine to your hairs.

Maintains a healthy heart

The minerals present in Kala chana like antioxidants, delphinidin, phytonutrients help in maintaining healthy blood vessels. Because of the folate and other minerals, Kala Chana prevents the formation of plaque in the arteries. Moreover, you can add Kala Chana to your daily diet to maintain a healthy heart.

Reduces Stress

According to several studies, it has been proved that consuming Kala Chana can boost your metabolism and reduce stress levels. 

Beneficial for skin

Several studies have proven that Kala Chana nutrition can help you prevent several skin diseases. Besides, Kala chana flour has become the main ingredient of several face packs available in markets that will help you glow your skin. Consuming Kala chana can help you fight several fungal infections like ringworms. Moreover, Kala chana can help in reducing white spots in Leukoderma. Consumption of sprouted Kala chana with Triphala Khurana can give positive results against Leukoderma.

A good source of protein 

If you are a vegetarian, including Kala chana in your diet can rescue your search for protein-rich foods. Besides, consuming 100grams of Kala chana can provide you 15-20gms of protein. Moreover, it aids in repairing tissues, offers a connecting framework for several tissues like hairs and nails.

Now you have read all about Kala chana nutrition, its benefits, and why we should consume it regularly. But you might be wondering how to consume Kala chana daily. You might be thinking that it would get too dull to eat Kala chana that often. However, we might help you out with some recipes which can make consuming Kala chana tastier. 

Kala chana dishes

Kala chana rasedaar

This is typical Indian curry food where boiled Kala chana is simmered in a gravy of onions and tomatoes.

kala chana nutrition

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Sookhe Kale Chane

This dish is served with poori. Plain dry chanas are served after mixing with several Indian masalas.

kala chana nutrition

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Black Chana and Coconut Stew

Kale Channe ki Chaat


Kale Chane ke kebab

You can check the recipes for these dishes here.

Side Effects of Kala Chana

At last, everything with benefits has some side effects too. The same goes for consuming Kala chana. Besides, consuming a high amount of Kala chana can cause some side effects on your body. Moreover, high fiber consumption can cause diseases like flatulence, cramps, and diarrhea. If you have a legume allergy, then consult a doctor if you notice skin rashes or itches after eating Kala chana. 

In conclusion, we will like you to add a balanced amount of Kala chana to your diet. It’s evident that they have numerous benefits, but overconsumption may cause some severe diseases. So make sure to consume a proper amount of Kala chana. Moreover, it also depends on your body. The amount of Kala chana depends on your body type too. Make sure to consult your fitness professional for the proper diet.

That’s all we’ve got with Kala chana nutrition and its health benefits. We hope we were helpful. For more health and fitness updates, Stay Tuned!