Best Yoga poses to cure thyroid | Procedures and Benefits of yoga for thyroid.

yoga for thyroid

Yoga for thyroid In today’s era, diseases are effortlessly invading themselves in human body. Apart from treating the disease, it’s better to make our body strong that it can resist the diseases we even don’t have information about. As it is said, prevention is better than cure. If you are suffering from the disease or […]

Paneer Nutrition: Nutrition Facts, Calories, benefits and recipes

paneer nutrition

Cottage cheese (paneer) paneer is a milk product that is usually made from curd milk, fruit juice, and lemon juice. The inception of the paneer itself is discussed. Old Indian, Afghan-Iranian, and Portuguese-Bengali birthplaces have been proposed for paneer. As per another hypothesis, the Portuguese may have presented the method of “breaking” milk with corrosive to […]

Yoga for knee Pain: Best Yogas |Procedure and Benefits

yoga for back pain

In recent times, many people are troubled by knee pain. Doctors prescribe many ways to get rid of knee pain, but still they do not get rid of this pain. Pain in the knee can be caused due to many reasons like – lack of proper circulation of blood in the muscles of the knees, […]

Viral Fever: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

viral fever

The temperature of the human body is normally about 98.6 °F (37°C). But if the temperature is more than 98.6 °F, so that is considered to be a fever. Fever is a sign that your body is infected with some Viral infections or bacteria. Viral fever is one kind of fever, which caused by an […]

Knock knees: Symptoms, causes and treatment

knock knees

Humans always wish to look perfect for lifelong. They don’t want any damage to their body. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. That’s why its said life is a mystery, it will take twist the second where you think it’s in your control. If you accept it and try to find to correct the […]

Kala chana nutrition | Health benefits, Nutritional information and diet.

kala chana nutrition

In India, two varieties of chickpeas are widely consumed, Kala chana and Kabuli chana. Moreover, India is the leading producer of chana in the world. 67% of the total production of the world is done in India. These chana varieties are the main ingredient of several dishes in India. Kala Chana is a legume enriched […]

Best Pregnancy diet chart | 5 key nutrients.

pregnancy diet chart

Pregnancy period is a very special time in a women’s life. Moreover, the mother tries her best to provide her child the best care possible. We are confident that right from the beginning even before his/her birth you want to take the best care of it. The diet you intake during pregnancy affects the child […]

5 Best upper body workout for beginners

biceps wprkout

Everyone nowadays wants to be fit and healthy. This is not just for health reasons but also for a smart appearance. Though you may be new to the gym, you must be wondering about upper body workout for beginners. Having a fit upper body ensures that you look more attractive. However, you may be utterly […]

Diwali 2020: 5 Healthy Indian Foods for Diwali

diwali 2020

Are you eagerly waiting for Diwali 2020? Undoubtedly, Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals for most of us in India. The festival of lights brings great joy to all. Along with new clothes that we flaunt, most of us can hardly resist the mouth-watering Diwali foods. Though this year the celebrations could be a […]

8 effective yoga for glowing skin

yoga for glowing skin

In this new age, looking young and attractive has become very important. When it comes to our looks, our skin plays a vital role in it. Thus, we always look for ways and means to have glowing and young skin. Though you may be engaged in various painstaking efforts to achieve the same, yoga for […]