Blood Donation to someone who needs it is one of the best donations in this world. There are lots of Groups, Schools, Colleges, Medical Students that organize such events to help those who need a specific type of Blood in an emergency.

Donating Blood is a major part of HealthCare as well. But Blood donation is something which is to be done with great care as it’s not a child’s play to give blood to someone without knowing its type.

Our soldiers often need blood if they are injured. And that’s why Blood Donation is not lesser than serving the Country by helping our Soldiers. But here in this article, I’m going to talk about the least trending but a very important topic about Blood Donation and Diabetes.

Do you donate blood “Every time”?

Now you’ll be thinking like “What kind of question is this” but I’m asking that If you donate Blood every time whether you’re Healthy or Not or even you had flu or fever and still you donated. Donating blood is nothing but also donating What is inside your Blood. Whether it’s a virus or bacteria or any problem with blood thickness or if you have any nutrition levels under normal. 

Remember, if you’re sick and you donate Blood to someone else, that person is likely to get ill as well because of you. 

Now that’s normal and you may have known but what if you have some serious problems like Diabetes then?

As I mentioned that if your blood has something unusual then it is going to enter into the body of the recipient as well. That’s why before you donate blood, check if you’re healthy or not because in the name of saving someone, you’re more likely to decrease their situations of getting saved.

So remember to check yourself before you head out to donate blood…

What if You have Diabetes and you donated Blood?

Diabetes is something that No One wants in life. Because almost everyone loves eating Sweet Dishes but if you’re eating a lot of Sweets for a longer time ( eating lots of sugar every day or eating something that has tons of sugar in breakfast every day ), then you’re prone to Diabetes

Now the answer to the title of this Blog “Can People with Diabetes Donate Blood”  is somehow Yes.

But before that, you need to know about…

.What Happens in Diabetes

Usually, if your blood has a glucose level above normal then technically you’re Diabetic. But you may ask that after a Heavy Meal, our blood glucose level is gonna rise. Yes, that’s true but what happens Next to that differs you from a Normal Person and a Diabetic Person. 

Usually our normal Blood Glucose Level or Blood Sugar Level is 140 mg/dL or less and more than 140 is considered as diabetic.

But as I mentioned that after a heavy meal, your blood glucose levels are gonna rise above 140 but Our Body uses that extra glucose into cells for energy production or stores it in the body to be used in Fast Conditions. Now I can say that if my Body is not Utilizing Extra Glucose, then I am Diabetic.

Why Diabetes Occurs?

There is a gland in our body called Pancreas. Which secrets a hormone called Insulin and that hormone takes extra glucose into the cell so Blood Glucose Levels are maintained.

Now there are two reasons why the insulin is not working properly.

  1. Your Pancreas is destroyed or damaged 
  2. Your Body Resists Insulin ( Diabetes Mellitus )

And if you have any one of these reasons, YOU ARE DIABETIC.

Because your blood glucose levels are not gonna be normalized by Insulin and that’s why your doctor will tell you to STOP EATING SWEETS.

And once it occurs, you’re likely to go on a lifetime Less Sugar Diet. That’s why it is advised to control Sugar Levels by controlling Sweets.

Now the main Question…

Can You Donate Blood If You Have Diabetes?

The Answer is Yes but holds on before you head out to donate blood. Let me clear one thing and that is if It is Healthy to be Diabetic as long as you don’t have any other bacterial or viral or Blood-Related Infections.

A Diabetic person has only one thing and that is elevated Blood Sugar Levels. But that is not a Virus or Bacteria which will kill someone who got the blood from a diabetic person. 

As simple as I can say, The Recipient will get Blood with high sugar levels. 

But don’t think that You will get infected with Diabetes. No, Diabetes is a Non-Infectious DIsease and Yes it is just associated with Excess Blood Sugar Levels.

As long as you Maintain Your Blood Glucose levels, you can donate blood.

And if You are receiving Blood from a Diabetic Person, don’t worry their excessive sugar leveled blood will be normalized in your body as your insulin is working.

But Here is a Warning, If the diabetic person is using Insulin Derived from Cattle, then the recipient is most likely to get infected with Mad Cow Disease which is a neurodegenerative disease.

And If the donor has Diabetes but his eyes and other vital organs are not affected by excessive glucose levels, then he qualifies for donating Blood.

Before you go donating, check if you had enough sleep and you ate only that much where your blood glucose level is normal and most importantly You are Healthy and you have no infection.

If you’re going to donate tomorrow, at least eat iron-rich food today.


Yes, you can donate blood even if you’re diabetic but all you need to take care of is

  1. You Don’t have any viral or bacterial infection
  2. Your eyes and other vital organs are safe from Diabetes
  3. You had enough sleep
  4. On the day of donation, don’t eat much sweet or don’t eat Sweet at all if possible
  5. Have iron-rich food before you go for a donation