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Alright, so I already have written so many articles regarding lots of topics like Health and FItness and also on some disease conditions in a very simplified language that anyone can digest. So, for today I have brought a very trending question nowadays among Ladies which is Should I Avoid Covid-19 Vaccine in Periods? Or Should I take it?

I will try to explain and answer this question as simply as possible here. But if you have no idea about the relationship between periods and Covid-19 Vaccines then you should know about the periods first. However, I already uploaded a detailed article over Reasons Behind Early Periods but here I will try to explain once again.

I know that most of you already know about Periods but to understand why someone will advise to take or not to take Covid-19 vaccine is by understanding what makes periods occur and what is the role of Covid-19 vaccine over it?

So for that, I will be explaining in very brief about the Science behind Periods.

How Does Period Occur?

“Why do periods happen?” is a question with many answers, but one of these answers won’t be given here: “because the goddess cursed Eve to have her period for the rest of her life.”

Menstruation is the shedding of blood and tissue through a woman’s vulva from the uterus lining each month. Menstrual cycles can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks long. The average cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days.

The menstrual cycle starts on the first day of bleeding and ends on the first day of the next period. Menstrual cycles usually change in length over a woman’s lifetime, becoming shorter as she grows older. The menstrual cycle begins with the process of ovulation, which is controlled by hormones. Ovulation is when an egg in one of the ovaries is released into a fallopian tube. When the egg is released, it can be fertilized by sperm. Approximately 14-16 days after ovulation, the lining of the uterus becomes very thick in preparation for a fertilized egg to embed there. If the egg has not been fertilized (absence of sperm), by day 28 hormone levels drop and blood flow from the uterine lining decreases, and tissue is shed through the vagina.

There are many causes of menstruation besides pregnancy (in fact, only about 10% of women who have periods become pregnant each year). Some of these causes are: Many women may be concerned or embarrassed by their period. This may negatively affect their overall self-esteem and possibly cause serious psychological problems. Women who have a distorted or negative view of themselves because of their periods are at a higher risk for eating disorders, depression, body image issues, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

There are many myths about periods in general but the most common myth is that a woman’s period is caused by too many blood clots in the lining of the uterus.

After reading this, you must have known that These are the Hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone that play a key role in Periods.

And now I will tell you briefly about How to take care of your body in Periods?

One of the most common, yet often unrecognized symptoms of a period is that it can cause bloating in the belly. This problem may be overlooked because many people may not know what to do when they experience these issues. Here are some ways you can take care of your body during your period, making it easier for you to feel more comfortable and confident.

No. 1 – Drink a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon before you go to bed. A cup of hot water with lemon will help reduce inflammation and inflammation that can happen during this time for you.

No. 2 – Eat foods that will help reduce bloating in your belly such as brown rice, cucumber, and yogurt. Avoid foods containing sugar, dairy products, as well as caffeine. Also, get plenty of sleep to help the muscles relax a bit and reduce the effects of bloating in your belly.

No. 3 – Stretching your belly muscles is a great way to reduce bloating in your stomach. Stand straight, and put your hands on the lower part of the wall to support the body. Next, lift one foot from the floor and then twist your waist slowly for 15 minutes in a clockwise direction. After that, turn around and do it for 15 minutes in a counterclockwise direction. Make sure to drink plenty of water during exercise to keep yourself hydrated.

No. 4 – Taking a few small, frequent meals during the day can help lessen bloating in your stomach. For example, take 15 minutes for lunch and then eat dinner about an hour after having the first meal.

No. 5 – In addition to soaking up the effects of bloating in your belly, drinking more water will also help you feel more comfortable. It is important to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day during this time; that is about 3 liters.

As I mentioned earlier, I have written a detailed article on Why I had Early Periods. You can read it if you want to read in detail about it but Don’t Worry Because I have written that in SImplified Language too.

So now let’s move on to Vaccine Part

Which Vaccines can be used to prevent Covid-19?

Since March 2020, I’m sure that you have heard lots of Pharma and Biotech companies launching different Covid Medicines or Vaccines and on the other side, WHO or anyone blaming those vaccines that they had not done the trials yet and they launched. I’m sure that this thing must have bothered you. I mean it also bothered me that How everyone is launching a new medicine or vaccine every month and on the next day I’m not getting any news from the same company.

But by God’s Grace, 4 Powerful vaccines are made to prevent anyone from Covid-19. India gave this World 2 vaccines named Covaxin and Covishield. By the time I’m writing this article, almost 35% of my state’s (Gujarat, India) public has been vaccinated in just 3 Months. Talking about Russia’s Sputnik vaccine, it has also proven that it can prevent novel coronavirus or Covid-19. And the world-famous Pfizer vaccine as well.

But before we get much deeper, I want to explain How Coronavirus Works in the Body. Because to understand today’s topic, you must understand each part.

Period part is done and now Covid-19/Coronavirus Part.

How Covid-19 Works in My Body?

Coronaviruses are responsible for worldwide epidemics of the common cold, diseases ranging from Asthma to SARS, and two of the deadliest pandemics in recorded history. 

I won’t go into much detail but here is a short explanation about it. Covid-19/Coronavirus is an RNA Virus. And once it enters into your body, it replicates and then makes lakhs of viruses inside your body and this is where the condition gets severe. Your Oxygen levels start dropping and you have trouble breathing. The most common symptom is No Taste or Smell Sensation. That means if you eat anything sweet or spicy, you won’t sense its taste.

Coronaviruses are a class of negative-sense RNA viruses belonging to the family Caliciviridae. Their name stems from the crown-like projections on their surface. These viruses are spherical, ~30 nm in diameter with a single-stranded RNA genome

How Covid Vaccines Can Prevent me Covid-19?

I will tell you the mechanism of some of the most famous vaccines in very brief.

This vaccine has an Inactivated Virus which can not harm you. Of Course, they are injecting a virus into your body but this inactivated or dead virus can’t harm you but your body thinks that there is some virus inside so I will activate my immune system which results in increased body temperature and an increase in WBCs and Fighter Cells. The main reason behind this vaccination is to activate those fighter cells so they can kill the undead or real Covid-19 if it entered your body. 

Can I get vaccines If I’m having Periods?

It’s a gentle reminder that if you take any decisions based on this, please read the disclaimer once again.

The vaccines are reaching every single person in every part of the world since March 2021. India had started giving Billions of doses to other countries to fight them with Covid-19 and yes this Question must have occurred in every girl’s mind that Can I take a vaccine if I’m having Periods.

As I mentioned earlier about How this period takes place. One of the major reasons was Hormone Levels. They fluctuate and result in periods along with an Egg failing to fertilize. But Did you find anything regarding these hormonal levels above in vaccines? No right. 

The thing is that Yes it is safe to take a vaccine if you’re having Periods but hold on because you need to know some stuff regarding this.

First of all, let me tell you that the vaccine had been injected into Millions of Women around the Globe and scientists had not found any strong evidence-based on any direct relationship between vaccines and Periods. But yet there are few things to be taken care of.

In My Opinion, I strongly recommend everyone reading this to get vaccinated. Because it is the only way we can Prevent the Novel Coronavirus/Covid-19. Because just to save yourself from those so-called side effects (which are myths)  messages you received on Whatsapp and Facebook, there is something called Reality and which is that the Vaccines are Safe.

I’m telling you that if vaccines could have harmed us then we would have lost twice the population due to vaccines than the population lost because of Covid-19.

Criteria for Woman to take Covid Vaccines

Currently, I have seen that the minimum age for Vaccination in India is 18 and it’s a sure thing that if you want to get vaccinated and reached Vaccination center for that, you need to have your ID proof in which the Doctor or Nurse will tell you that if you’re eligible for Vaccine or Not.

Currently Pregnant women also took Covaxine and Covishield vaccines and had no issues found.

See as I had explained in my Previous Article regarding Periods that it affects the mood and due to that you may feel angry or disappointed etc. But it has to do nothing with your immunity. Your immunity remains as it is. So you don’t have to worry about Vaccines and Periods and Yes you can take vaccines even in Periods.

But Remember that vaccines trigger body temperature and if you’re in a period and took the vaccine, you may have a fever because of an immune response. But don’t worry you won’t get any severe side effects if you took the vaccine. However, it is always advisable to ask a doctor if you can take the vaccine.

Whatever I explained was just for the knowledge purpose and for your doubt solving.