Yoga for piles : Five yoga poses to cure piles

yoga for piles

Yoga is one of the best choices when it comes to maintaining your body. It’s the simplest and effective practice which has been practiced since 1000 years. Along with weight loss, yoga is also practiced to keep mental as well as physical health balanced. Yoga allows the body to work effectively, the one who practices […]

Best Leg Workouts: Procedure and benefits.

leg workouts

Who doesn’t want to be fit? Every person dreams of having a muscular and a good personality. But to achieve that, you need to be very hardworking and stick to daily exercise. You have to practice several upper body workouts and lower body workouts for this. For increasing your muscle strength, a wide range of training is […]

Paneer Nutrition: Nutrition Facts, Calories, benefits and recipes

paneer nutrition

Cottage cheese (paneer) paneer is a milk product that is usually made from curd milk, fruit juice, and lemon juice. The inception of the paneer itself is discussed. Old Indian, Afghan-Iranian, and Portuguese-Bengali birthplaces have been proposed for paneer. As per another hypothesis, the Portuguese may have presented the method of “breaking” milk with corrosive to […]

Kala chana nutrition | Health benefits, Nutritional information and diet.

kala chana nutrition

In India, two varieties of chickpeas are widely consumed, Kala chana and Kabuli chana. Moreover, India is the leading producer of chana in the world. 67% of the total production of the world is done in India. These chana varieties are the main ingredient of several dishes in India. Kala Chana is a legume enriched […]

Best Pregnancy diet chart | 5 key nutrients.

pregnancy diet chart

Pregnancy period is a very special time in a women’s life. Moreover, the mother tries her best to provide her child the best care possible. We are confident that right from the beginning even before his/her birth you want to take the best care of it. The diet you intake during pregnancy affects the child […]

5 Ways to incorporate better deep nutrition in your diet

deep nutrition

If you are a fitness freak, we are confident that you would be familiar with the term deep nutrition. The word deep-nutrition is becoming increasingly popular and is considered the latest mantra to stay fit and healthy. Before we go into further details about how to incorporate the same in our diet, let us first try […]

6 skill related components of fitness

Skill related components of fitness

Who doesn’t want to be fit? Even while eating burgers and pasta in the restaurant, we dream about being healthy and imagining our body shape. It’s not just about physical fitness; even everyone desires to be mentally fit too. Moreover , people wish life with less stress and more with peace. But to balance things […]