Yoga for piles : Five yoga poses to cure piles

yoga for piles

Yoga is one of the best choices when it comes to maintaining your body. It’s the simplest and effective practice which has been practiced since 1000 years. Along with weight loss, yoga is also practiced to keep mental as well as physical health balanced. Yoga allows the body to work effectively, the one who practices […]

Best Yoga poses to cure thyroid | Procedures and Benefits of yoga for thyroid.

yoga for thyroid

Yoga for thyroid In today’s era, diseases are effortlessly invading themselves in human body. Apart from treating the disease, it’s better to make our body strong that it can resist the diseases we even don’t have information about. As it is said, prevention is better than cure. If you are suffering from the disease or […]

8 effective yoga for glowing skin

yoga for glowing skin

In this new age, looking young and attractive has become very important. When it comes to our looks, our skin plays a vital role in it. Thus, we always look for ways and means to have glowing and young skin. Though you may be engaged in various painstaking efforts to achieve the same, yoga for […]

Exercise During Periods | Tips, Benefits, and Risks 

Exercise during periods

Are you wondering about exercise during periods? Well, we understand how bad having menstrual cramps could be and how it might make you feel low on energy. They can deter you from working out during periods. Moreover, you may be concerned about periods affecting your fitness routine. It is seen that many ladies skip their workouts […]