Hello there Healthy People, welcome again to HealthyVio and today I have brought to you another underrated topic based on Reason Behind Early Periods. You must be wondering or maybe shocked about Why my girl had early periods or why I had early periods and lots and lots of questions in mind, Right? I know that these kinds of topics can’t be discussed in Public and sometimes you can’t discuss it with your parents. 

But don’t worry because as usual I have chosen this topic to discuss in detail and I will try to be as open as possible and write as simplified as possible.

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Why Periods Occur?

As we know that periods never take any holidays and they surprise you every 25th or 28th day from the last period. But if you don’t know how and why they are occurring, then I’m explaining this in a simple form.

A period is the periodic discharge of blood and tissue that accompanies a woman’s menstrual cycle. Sometimes called menstruation, menopausal, or monthly bleeding.

There are different kinds: A menstrual period is also called a “menses” and other terms for periods include “period”, “monthly”, “cycle’, and ‘periods’. 

All girls start their first period between the ages of 11 to14.

Menstrual periods can be heavy or light, painful or pain-free.

Nowadays you are going to go through an important biological change: your first period or menstruation. 

You might be wondering what’s going to happen, how your body is going to react during the first day of your period. 

You can get emotional, anxious, or all worked up. 

However, there is nothing to worry about because this is a natural process. 

How Periods Occur?

Here I won’t go much into detailed Medical terms as many of you won’t understand and will think that this Article is boring 🙁

In the uterus, there are three layers and the layer which is exposed to the inner space of the uterus (where the baby is grown) is called Endometrium. Now the endometrium has 2 more layers which are Stratum Functionalis and Stratum Basalis

Now, the uterus is meant for fertilization by the meeting of Egg of the female and the sperm of the male. Now every month our body waits for sperm to come into the uterus so they can make a child inside the uterus and that’s why one of the Ovaries releases one egg each month which travels to the uterus through Fallopian Tube. You can take the Fallopian Tube as a Highway that shows the way to Egg to Uterus. Now once the egg reaches Uterus and if there is no sperm there to meet, then the body thinks that This Egg is wasted and the body has prepared the uterus for fertilization which also goes wasted because there was no sperm and hence no fertilization. So just like us when we cancel any event and we have done all the arrangements then what do we do? We start clearing all arrangements like balloons, stages, etc. same thing the body does and as I mentioned earlier about Stratum Functionalis, it is shaded and hence the endometrium (inner wall) is also shaded and where there is shedding, there is blood. And hence the body clears everything and it all comes out as Periods.

Now I hope that you must have understood it well. And before I jump to the main topic, I’m mentioning some tips you can use to take the best care of yourself while in Periods.

What to do in Periods?

I know that periods can be really painful and may cause Heavy Mood Swings and Angry Behaviour. Don’t worry because that’s completely normal and Natural because of Hormonal Fluctuations in your body.

  1. Eating healthy and exercising regularly, getting enough sleep as well as rest days, and avoiding alcohol during the time of the month.
  2. Wear a panty liner when you are having your period because if you don’t you could ruin your underwear. You should not use napkins that come in packs of 9 by 3 inches.
  3. Sanitary Pads
  4. You should not wash your sheets when you are having your period, because you could ruin your mattress if you do. It also says that it is best to wear clean clothes during this time. It goes on to say that the best option for pants is a pair of cotton panties but it can be hard to wear because they are too harsh for your vagina and possibly make it worse. Those pads are very good for the environment which is good for the Earth. In some situations tampons are more convenient than pads.
  5. Hot Chocolate Milk can be relieving
  6. A warm Water shower can be useful
  7. Don’t Eat so much Spicy and if possible, avoid them
  8. You can slightly heat a cloth or slightly Hot Water Bottle and put it on your lower abdomen for relief
  9. Try to remain calm 
  10. Try to socialize less if you have huge mood swings
  11. Don’t take any serious decisions in Anger caused by Periods

The last thing you want to do is wreck your clothes. But accidents happen. How about when your period leaks out through a white shirt onto a green carpet? You probably don’t want to walk around with brown on the soles of your shoes either. There are also social stigmas for people with periods and some communities believe menstruation is something dirty or that should be kept secret. 

When you start your period, you may wonder if there is anything you can’t do or shouldn’t do. Don’t fret, girls because I am here to tell you that there is no need for worry when it comes to menstruation. 

Got Periods Early?

Before We get ahead and dive into this topic, let me mention an Important thing here

Each body is different so do periods cycle as compared to others. Whatever the reasons and science I will be mentioning regarding Early Periods are based on research and do not claim to be as Medical Advice. If you don’t feel well and are worried regarding early periods then please Don’t Be Shy and Visit a Doctor. 

First of all, you should know that the period cycle has gaps of around 21-28 Days or sometimes 30 based on different conditions. But if you got a period before 21 Days then it can be considered as Early Periods.

See there are a lot of reasons and sometimes it’s common unless you feel any other symptoms. 

Reason Behind Early Periods

I will be explaining each reason one by one here.

  1. Puberty: Of Course it is one of the reasons behind Early Periods. Usually, in Girls, puberty starts from the age of 13. And for the first time, various hormonal changes are new for the body and it takes time for the body to compensate for them. Starting periods can be varying as they are new events for the body but later on they will be following a perfect cycle. This is normal from this stage, growth, and development of Reproductive Organs and Hair Growth in Armpit, etc.
  2. Exercise: You must be thinking that in my other articles, I promote exercise for everyone, and here I’m mentioning it as a Reason for Early Periods. Let me explain. First, tell me how your body produces hormones? From Food right? Food is the utmost reason behind anything that happens in your body and if you are attending the gym every day and eating a high protein diet and doing very intense exercise or let’s say you’re an athlete. Because of this, your hormone cycles can alter and yes you may get early periods because of this.
  3. Stress: Yes, indeed, Stress is never good for any gender. Stress is an unnecessary guest in your mind and causes many hormonal fluctuations as well as few chemical level fluctuations in your body. If you’re stressing out 24/7 or almost every time then there are high chances that your hormonal imbalance may cause you irregulation in periods. This may cause mood swings, stomach upset, etc so remember to be happy always.
  4. STDs: Yes you’re right, if you had unprotected sexual intercourse or have more than one sexual partner then you’re having higher chances that you can get sexually transmitted diseases. If you have burning or pain while urinating or have severe pain while mating can be a reason for STDs and yes they may alter the Menstrual Cycle.
  5. Birth Control Pills: It is always advised to use protection so that you don’t have to take any unnecessary pills to control the birth. There are certain types of pills and one of them is hormonal birth control pills. With the word Hormone, now you must have understood that Hormone Levels are the main reasons behind Early Periods and hence you must have understood that these Hormonal Birth control pills do their job by fluctuating Hormonal Levels. 
  6. PCOS: PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Hormone Level fluctuations cause PCOS. I must recommend visiting a doctor if you feel like PCOS. Because in PCOS, you’re likely to get early or very late periods or very irregular periods.
  7. Diabetes: According to the research in 2011, there are certain chances that you may have early periods because of DIabetes
  8. Anticoagulants: Anticoagulants or Blood thinners are the drugs or medicines which make your blood thinner. Certain Anticoagulants in our body are released during periods so that the blood and waste can be thrown out easily. If you’re on Anticoagulant drugs then there are higher chances of early periods.
  9. Food: Very few chances of early periods if you had Over Consumption of Foods like ginger or turmeric. It is always advisable to get a balanced meal.
  10. Perimenopause: When a woman is in her 40s, eggs are not formed as well as they were formed in her 20s and 30s. This stage is termed Perimenopause. You can say that Eggs slightly lose their power of combining and fertilizing with Sperm. This is because Eggs are now not that responding to hormone levels and hence sometimes you may get early periods too,

So, these are 10 Possible Reasons why you can have early periods. Let me mention again that if you don’t feel well or feeling something else that is not normal when you had periods back then. Then you must visit a doctor and make sure you tell her everything related to your period cycle including your meal and also exercise schedule.

Periods – Taboo?

It can be really hard to talk about periods, but believe it or not, there are quite a few interesting facts to share. From the way they were first discovered, to what is inside our uterus during menstruation. Here are some very convincing reasons why you should learn about your period! And from the looks of it, you’ll have plenty of time for getting ready for those days when all that’s on your mind is your cycle.

It’s time to grow up ladies, embrace your body!

There are plenty of things we’ll have to deal with in our lives as women. Some of them will be unpleasant (like the time of the month) but others will be very pleasant (like giving birth!). So let’s just embrace it all, get over it, and move on. Before you know it you’ll be experiencing something that is even more amazing than a period!

So I hope you really loved reading and now I expect that you will take care of your body well because it is very precious and amazing. Till then, Don’t forget to check out my other articles as well on HealthyVio.