Welcome Back dear all Healthy People to my blog. In the previous blogs, I had talked about if People with Diabetes can donate Blood and also on What are the Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat. If you haven’t checked them out then what are you waiting for?

Well here I came up with another most undervalued topic which no one talks about is the status of Hepatitis-C.

You might have heard about this Disease but the way it’s spreading all around, there will be no big deal if Newspaper Headlines will mention the status of Hepatitis-C with Bold Letters.

And we all need to know about Hepatitis C symptoms, the number of cases, and also prevention and treatments available for Hepatitis C. You may also check your medical file if you had taken any Hepatitis C vaccine before. Because the Hepatitis vaccine is given to newborn babies after a few days of their delivery to keep them safer. If not taken care of, this can even lead to liver damage or you may need Liver Transplantation.

But, before we get into the numbers of cases and why they are increasing all around, let me explain this complex disease more simply as I always do in my Blogs 🙂

What is Hepatitis?

 I guess you already got an idea from the image about the Liver and a glass magnifying something fishy on it. Well, Hepatitis is now a new word nowadays as we all have heard it even in our families. Ever wondered why this disease is So Common?

Why did each family get a member who went through this severe disease?

Well, it is severe because here your Liver is the Target. Here, your liver is attacked by so many things like viruses or even our own body. We all know that the Liver is just like the lungs, kidney, and Heart. You can’t live without them, not even a normal or a short life. The Liver is the main factory where all the food, drugs, alcohol you took comes. The Liver is the Main Detoxifier. Have you ever wondered why we are safe even though we had so many drugs till now? Because each drug you took, each pill you swallowed, and each syrup you had once gone into the liver and Liver helped to throw it out of the body so it does not accumulate and give side effects.

But this Angel Organ is not immortal. Even it needs your help sometimes and Hepatitis is an example of why I said it needs help.

Hepatitis is nothing but an Inflammatory disease where your Liver is under the attack of most viruses. These viruses have their names on the Hepatitis types A, B, C, D, E…

HAV ( Hepatitis A Virus ) causes of course Hepatitis A and the same with HVB, HCV.

These are the viruses that are the most common reasons to damage your liver and you have to take vaccines that will kill them eventually.

What are the differences between Hepatitis A, B and, C?

The most commonly occurring types are  Hepatitis A, B and, C. But does it make any difference?

The only difference is How they are Spread.

For example, if the person has Hepatitis A and he shared his lunch or water with you then you are most probably getting that HAV, and then Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is most commonly occurring as it is spread through contact and sharing. So Make Sure to check the person before eating his food.

In the case of Hepatitis B, HVB infection is mostly occurring through contact with Vaginal Fluid or Semen, or Blood. Remember that if a Hepatitis Patient donates blood, he is creating trouble for the recipient. So double-check the blood and also sterilize the syringe.

Now the most common and Bloodborne infectious disease, Hepatitis C.

This is most commonly occurring in the USA. According to Healthline, almost 3 million people have this Hepatitis C.

HCV is also spread through the same medium as HCV like Vaginal Fluid contact or semen contact or infected blood donation. Unprotected Intercourse between 2 unknowns can lead to Hepatitis condition.

These were the common differences between them but as I said Hepatitis C is the most common in the US so let’s talk about it in detail.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

These are the symptoms you can cross-check if you have Hepatitis C but remember that Hepatitis C needs DIagnosis. Because here are some common symptoms from other diseases as well so don’t panic if you match them. Just take a deep breath and pay a visit to your doctor as Paying for diagnosis is better than Paying for Liver Transplant.

Remember to get a Diagnosis Report first.

So, here are some common symptoms…

  1. Stool of very light Yellow color like Clay
  2. Dark Yellow Urine ( This is common for a normal person in the morning if he had no fluid overnight then concentrated urine comes out )
  3. Fatigue
  4. Heavy Fever or mild fever for few days and not decreasing
  5. Loss of Appetite
  6. Vomiting
  7. Nausea

These symptoms last for more than 1 week then you have to pay a visit to your doctor to check if you have Hepatitis C or not.

Levels or Stages in Hepatitis C

All the disease conditions are measured on their certain levels of Severity and the same goes with Hepatitis C.

Remember that Levels 1 and 2 are the periods where you hardly get the symptoms or notice something Unusual with your Daily Body. But I would recommend that you should get your Blood Report from a government-approved Lab.

Here are some levels where the severity or Danger is increased and at the end, Liver Transplantation because of Cancer or maybe Death but Don’t Panic as We are living in 2021 where we do have vaccines and treatments available so don’t worry and tell your doctor everything you are feeling in your body.

Level 1: Incubation Period – You may hardly notice any serious symptoms here and this period has a period of like a month and an average of 40 days.

Level 2: Acute Hepatitis C – After the virus has stayed in your body for like 4-5 months, you may start getting symptoms. If you feel like it’s a severity or more, pay a visit to the doctor. Because Hepatitis C has shown up.

Level 3: Chronic Hepatitis C – After Hepatitis C has covered up for more than 70-80% in your body, the severity starts from here. Chronic itself means long-lasting. And this is the stage if not treated then you have to be ready for really serious problems,

Level 4: Cirrhosis – Remember that HCV has started damaging your healthy liver cells from Level 3 and it has now almost killed all the healthy liver cells and very few healthy cells are left. Drinking Alcohol is more dangerous in this phase as the Liver is not capable enough to digest alcohol.

Level 5: Liver Cancer – Last and Most severe stage where you may have to transplant your liver or you may lose it. But nowadays our medical science has reached new heights. That’s why curing it before it shows up with severity is the most preferable treatment.

How To Prevent Hepatitis C

There are many ways you can prevent Hepatitis C as Prevention is better than cure.

Remember that HCV is spread through blood, vaginal fluid, and semen contact so your first step would be to Don’t go for Unprotected Intercourse with any unknown Partner.

The second step would be Sterilizing Syringes or Needles. Although sterilization is necessary because any microorganism can be present on the needle and can infect directly. And If there is any blood donation camp and someone with HCV if donated blood to someone without a blood check, this can be a very serious issue for the recipient. And the last point I would say is Don’t Share your things with anyone whom you don’t know. This can be a far better choice. As I have talked about needles, be careful with tattoo parlors as well for the same reason. And in the end, Alcohol has no good relations with any stages of the Liver so stop drinking for yourself and your family.

Treatment of Hepatitis C

There are many treatments available but here I will mention those which are being used most commonly.

Doctors go through your Blood and Liver function tests for diagnosis and they start treatment accordingly.

There are many treatment options available for Hepatitis C treatment. Even vaccines are there for Hepatitis C treatment.

Here is the list of drugs that are available for Hepatitis C treatment. But Don’t Use Them without Doctor’s Supervision or Permission. Your moves may worsen your condition so sometimes doing nothing harmful also leads to good health.

  1. Daclatasvir
  2. Ombitasvir
  3. Ledipasvir
  4. Ritonavir


There are more than this but you only remember that Hepatitis C is caused by HCV and this is the reason why doctors are using Antiviral drugs. For vaccination, there are vaccines available for HVA and HVB but not for HCV. Trials are going on everywhere to make the vaccine but it’s a tough job for them as well. That’s why Hepatitis C treatment is going on with AntiViral Drugs. Maybe the time you’re reading the article may have the  HCV vaccine available so for today, Prevention is Better than Cure.

 Cases and Status of Hepatitis C in The USA and Worldwide

 Being an infectious disease, the cases are increasing every year in the USA and the world as well.

According to the report,

In the USA, there were like 50000 cases where 1.2 new cases from 100k people.

Most commonly infected persons were from the age range of 30-40.

In Global, about 3 Million people are getting infected from HCV and 300k people die each year from Liver Cancer.

Egypt has the highest rates ( 22% ) of prevalence. Chronic HCV is the reason behind 2-5 Million Deaths each year.

There are more lists available but these numbers should be enough for you to prevent yourself from this deadly and silent disease.