“Your HIV Report is Positive” is the only line in the World that can give the biggest shock to anyone. After Ebola or Coronavirus, this HIV is said to be the most fatal and silent killer. Started in 1981, this virus has caught the whole world and this is also considered an Epidemic as it is spread all around. Some people think that AIDS is the punishment for their carelessness or sometimes people take it as God’s punishment for not being Careful about their life. What is Myth and What is Reality about this controversial disease or syndrome AIDS and its reason HIV, you’ll get to know here. Here, I will try to answer all the HIV-related questions and will explain When you should get an HIV test because before you go for a test, you need to know about HIV and AIDS.

What are AIDS and HIV?

In simplest words, AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is the condition where your immunity is so low that you can get infected with more than 20 fatal or deadly diseases. AIDS is a Sexually Transmitted Disease and basically, the last level of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection where your immunity is almost Zero. You can get infected from any infectious disease in HIV Infection as there are no WBCs and T-Cells left in your body to protect you. And this AIDS is caused by HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus which travels through infectious blood and interferes with our immune system and compromises it. So, we are prone to almost any other infectious diseases like Cold. But remember that not all HIV patients are lifted to AIDS condition where their immunity is lowered. AIDS is the level or syndrome which is also the last stage of infection. There are treatments available like Antiretroviral Therapy which interferes with HIV and helps to maintain optimum immunity level in the body. And also, not everyone who got HIV infection always dies. I will explain all these down in this article with the simplest explanations.

How You Get Infected?

 As I mentioned above, AIDS is caused by HIV and it is a sexually transmitted disease. This means if a person had intercourse with an HIV-infected patient then He also gets infected. As I told you, people used to believe that AIDS is the Punishment of Nature as you were careless with your urges. AIDS was started back in 1983 and started spreading all over the world as a leading Sexually Transmitted Disease and causing Deaths worldwide.

Remember that You will get infected if HIV has entered your bloodstream or into your body. If a couple had intercourse and one was HIV Positive then another will get infected for sure as they had sexual contact of semen or vaginal fluid or unprotected sex.

Another reason how someone gets infected is giving HIV Positive person’s blood to someone else. As I mentioned earlier, HIV will be activated once it enters your bloodstream and yes HIV doesn’t need to be only spread through Unprotected Sex. That’s why it is necessary to check whether the blood donor is HIV Positive or not.

The third reason is if a syringe or needle used by an HIV Positive person is used for someone else without proper sterilization. This is why you have to be careful while donating blood as well because syringes may have contact with any HIV Positive person.

That’s why syringes are sterilized over the flame to kill HIV.

What if You found HIV Positive? Is HIV your Death Sentence?

The only line that can shock anyone is “Your HIV Report is Positive”. In 2019, almost 0.6 million had died because of AIDS and almost over 70 million people have been infected since 1983 and still, no cure is there to treat this disease. But hold on and don’t lose hope because HIV is not your Death Bell. It doesn’t mean that if there is no treatment then Death. No, it’s not true at all because HIV is not gonna give you a sudden Heart Attack and you are not gonna die suddenly.

As I mentioned earlier, HIV compromises your immune system and that’s why patients don’t die because of HIV but they die because their immunity was low and they got infected with other severe diseases.

Now it’s 2021 and yes we do have Antiretroviral Therapy which is a New Ray of Hope for all HIV patients out there. Yes, indeed HIV Infected people can live as much as they want. But here is something you have to consider which is that a patient infected with AIDS goes on lifelong medicine treatments. Doctors prescribe several medicines along with Immunity Boosters to lower down the effect of HIV. And as long as the patient takes this Antiretroviral therapy, he lives a normal lifespan. But that patient has to be very very careful with his compromised and triggered immunity as he is prone to many diseases. It’s just the therapy that saves him from immunity getting lowered.

Can You Start Family If You’re HIV Positive?

Now this question is still in controversy as AIDS is a Sexually Transmitted Disease. But what if my baby gets infected and is born with lower immunity? I guess this question is to be answered here as this confusion has stopped many family trees.

Let me explain this straight to the point. Suppose if Father or Mother or both are HIV positive and want children then they should visit a doctor and start the Antiretroviral Therapy of the mother as soon as the pregnancy phase has started. This treatment can lower the risk of a Baby getting HIV. But a mother should know that if she is HIV Positive and feeds the child then there will be no effective result of Antiretroviral Treatment. That’s why it is advised that a mother should feed her baby with bottle feeding instead of Breastfeeding.

I believe that losing hope at any point gives worse results than HIV itself. Because there are already treatments available and all you need is to visit a doctor and proceed accordingly.

So the Answer to “Can You Start a Family If You’re HIV Positive” is Yes but under 100% medical supervision.

How To Stay Safe from HIV Infection?

Here are a few points I have mentioned to stay safe from HIV Infection. Because Prevention is always better than cure. But this doesn’t mean you can treat HIV patients badly. Treating them badly or letting them feel lonely may be the reason they can lose hope so keep them happy.

For Those who are already HIV Positive

  • Wash Your Clothes, Eye wears, and Footwears with warm water, or if possible, sanitize them.
  • Stop eating Non-Veg
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables properly before using them
  • Avoid intercourse with anyone as you may get them infected too
  • Don’t go for unprotected sex or if possible, remain Celibate
  • Keep Meditating and Don’t lose hope
  • Eat Fruits to boost immunity
  • Don’t skip therapy days and follow your Doctor’s instructions


For those who want to avoid HIV

  • Avoid prostitution as you may have no idea if your partner is HIV positive or not
  • Use Protection
  • Avoid contact with HIV Patients’ blood, vaginal fluid or, semen
  • Maintain Hygiene
  • Don’t go with so many sex partners

When you should get an HIV Test?

After reading all about AIDS and HIV, we are at the last part where I’m going to explain everything about How HIV Test is Done and When you should get an HIV Test.

ELISA or Enzyme-Linked immunosorbent assay is the test that tells us if you’re HIV Positive or not and the Western Blot test is used to confirm that ELISA Test went out Positive. Or in other words, this is a diagnostic test. In the USA, the Home Access Express Test is used. The simplest diagnostic and non-invasive test is the Saliva Test where saliva is taken and you will get a result in almost 3 days.

But when you should get tested? If you ask me, frankly I would recommend that we should get tested once a year and if you are sexually active and have more than one sexual partner then you have to be very careful and keep yourself updated with the tests.

I can say that HIV lowers your immunity and if you are feeling weak and not feeling enough strength for any work for more than 10 days then I would recommend you to pay a visit to your doctor and get a test done.

Remember that HIV has no confirmative symptoms that you can say this person has HIV. Simply I can conclude that (1) If you’re feeling weak and muscle aches for a long time because HIV has no confirmatory symptoms and (2) If you have more than one sexual partner…

Remember that If you have HIV, This is not the End. We’re living in 2021 where medical science has found many successful treatment approaches and yes there is one for you as well.

So Don’t lose Hope and Start preparing for it 🙂