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This Article is gonna be the most trending topic among everyone. It’s not Covid-19 but it’s something we never focused much on but because of that, we suffer from various diseases like Atherosclerosis or sometimes Asthma or Heart Diseases as well.

Today I am going to explain everything about The Cholesterol, Causes of Cholesterol, What causes High Cholesterol, and also your Lipid Profile.

Is Big Tummy that serious matter?


We’re living in 2021 and yes we do have lots of options available to eat and satisfy our tongue. But because of Taste Craving, sometimes we forget that we need to focus on our Cholesterol levels whenever we see our tummy growing.

For me, this is not a Life or Death Problem but this is something Which Should not be Taken for Granted. You should be careful about your growing tummy which shows the growing lipid and cholesterol levels inside your body and believes me this can be a serious problem one day if it continues growing.

It’s not like that your Big Tummy will kill you but growing levels of Cholesterol and Lipid can harm you.

I would suggest that If you have a Big Tummy, then you should start focusing on your diet and start working out.

But it’s also true that nowadays, we all have Big Tummy except those who go to the gym regularly to burn that extra fat and lower cholesterol levels.

But it is said that Nothing is Good in an Excessive Amount. That’s why I wrote this article to give you knowledge about the reasons behind your big tummy, causes of cholesterol, high lipid profile, and what can happen if it continues to rise.


Is Cholesterol Different from Lipid ( Fat )??


Scientifically cholesterol is just another fat type but here is the twist, You can not burn Cholesterol by Exercise like other Fats. Then where cholesterol is stored and How it says that I’m Fat?

When you eat Lots of Junk Foods and Fatty Foods every day, you’re raising your cholesterol levels in your body. If this is happening daily then that extra cholesterol is Stored in the Liver and Gallbladder. But apart from just Liver, we do have Adipose Cells or Fat Storing Cells which store this excess cholesterol and they start swelling and yes you can say that the effect is seen in the Body as Big Tummy, Higher Fat in Upper Arms and Legs.

That’s why this is the sign that if you’re having a Big Tummy, you have to check your cholesterol levels and You may have to Stop eating Junk Food and Fatty Food with Saturated Fatty Acid. Let me clear this Saturated Fatty Acid part in a simplified way. There are Good Fats and Bad Fats. Good Fats are actually good for the body and provide energy and are removed quickly like Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA). And the Bad Fat is nothing but Saturated Fatty Acids which are found in Junk foods and are stored in our Body.

Causes of Cholesterol and High Lipid Levels


Here are a few factors which cause Cholesterol and High Lipid Levels. Remember that Cholesterol is just a type of lipid and here I will talk about Cholesterol and Other Lipids as well.

So, here are the Factors

  1. High Junk Food Consumption
  2. Consumption of Saturated Fatty Acid Foods
  3. Lack of Exercise
  4. Laziness
  5. Not eating properly in a proper way
  6. Smoking
  7. Diabetes
  8. Obesity

There are so many but these factors are those which affect the most.

I have explained about Point no. 1 and 2 so let’s start with Point no. 3

Lack of Exercise: Yes it is true that if you don’t burn your fat then it starts getting stored in your Adipose Tissues and leads to Big Tummy. There are many causes of cholesterol so this Lack of Exercise is one of them.

However I got a solution for this, If you want to reduce your belly fat then I have written an article about it already. Click here to see How to Reduce Belly Fat at Home.


Laziness: Laziness is the door for Hell and also a Door for Diseases to Entry into your body. I’m writing this article by doing deep research and spending time to provide the best-simplified version of the most complex health topics so I’m pushing my body to work instead of Being Lazy. You’re going to the office, working out, running a bit in the morning, always in a mood for doing work, that shows that you’re not lazy and at every point of your workout, you’re burning your extra fat daily so it doesn’t get stored up. But If you’re too lazy to do these all and spend most of your time on Bed or Chair playing Games, watching Netflix with some unhealthy Junk Food then you’re Inviting High Cholesterol Levels in your body. So Stop Being Lazy and start working out for yourself.

Not Eating Properly in a Proper way: In Ayurveda, it is said that in the morning you should eat what is easy to digest like Fruits. In the noon, your Digestion Power is at the peak so you can have your meal so it won’t take much longer to digest that food. But in the evening, our digestion power is reduced to 50% so Eating a Heavy Meal at Night can be an open invitation for your High Cholesterol Levels. So eat a very light meal in the morning and in the evening/night and eat proper nutritious food in the Noon. 


Smoking: You may be thinking about what my Cigar has to do with my cholesterol levels. Let me clear this about the relation between smoking which is the cause of Cholesterol. Bad Cholesterol means LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein ) and Good Cholesterol means HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein ). Now, why are they good or bad? The answer lies in their Full forms, Low Density, and High Density. Here LDL has a low density so it stays above Blood. But remember that LDL is lower in density so it floats above blood and damages the inside wall of our Blood Vessels. And because it has damaged Blood Vessels, Cholesterol starts getting stored in that damaged part, and eventually that damaged part is sealed with that cholesterol inside, and at the end, it narrows that Blood Vessel. Now because the Blood Vessel has narrowed, the heart needs to pump with more force to pass the Blood. This situation is called Atherosclerosis. Which is dangerous for yourself as it may require surgery. So STOP SMOKING FOR YOUR SAKE.


Diabetes: Diabetes is the enemy of HDL and a friend of LDL. So if you’re diabetic then there are chances that your HDL level is reduced and LDL is increased. That’s why Diabetes has to be controlled.


Obesity: Obesity simply means You’ve more fat inside your body which ultimately shows that your cholesterol levels and your lipid profiles are rising. You need to join Gym and work out to burn that extra fat. 


Treatment for High Cholesterol and Lipid Levels


Fortunately, we do have treatments available but it requires Lifestyle Changes as well. It is not always a Doctor’s Job to treat you but also Your Job to compromise and adjust something for yourself and your Health.

I will mention the treatment approaches but it is just for educational purposes. My job is to educate you about Health. If you find any complications, you need to visit your Doctor.


So the treatments include various kinds of Drugs. They are called Hypolipidaemic Agents. Or simply they reduce Lipid and Cholesterol Levels.

The First category has Drugs called Statins. For example, Lovastatin, Simvastatin, Pravastatin, Atorvastatin, etc. These drugs act by inhibiting a special enzyme called HMG-CoA Reductase. So after inhibiting that enzyme, the breakdown of LDL occurs in your body which is nothing but fat burning. It also reduces cholesterol synthesis by 40%.

Another Drug class is Lipoprotein Lipase Activators, which influence the breakdown of LDL. There is a Special Drug called Ezetimibe which stops the absorption of Cholesterol so it is then removed through Stools. 

 Remember that these drugs have their own specific time to be taken. Do not buy and consume them without your Doctor’s permission as these drugs have some serious side effects. 


Apart from Drug Therapy, there are certain things that you should consider if you’re under treatment. 

And that is to keep on exercising every day. If you can’t go with the exercise part and can’t adjust between work and Gym then Yoga can be the best option for you. You can go cycling with your Friends, Go for Jogging with your Dog, Stop Eating Pizza and Burger, Eat Healthy and Homemade foods which have low fat or zero fat content. These are small things that even normal people can afford to do so it will help you to burn out that extra fat and reduce cholesterol levels in your body along with Drug Therapies.


How serious is this Big Tummy?


Now as I mentioned earlier that it all starts with your Tummy and Food. the drugs and exercises I told are for those WHO HAVE EXCEEDED THEIR CHOLESTEROL AND LDL LEVELS. It’s okay if you have a slight big tummy and you’re not lazy and exercising. There is no Harm and Remember that Big Tummy will not kill you in one day but if it kept increasing over years, you may have to go for drug therapy and lifestyle changes as well. But remember that It takes Years to Build up that Cholesterol and Lipid and Months to Burn it. So Don’t Stress out by watching your Big Tummy but also remember to Keep Exercising every day if you don’t want to take those drugs in the future.


So that is it for today and I hope you loved this article and I hope I cleared almost all the myths about the causes of cholesterol and LDLs.

Share it with someone who may need to know this, till then I see you in my next blog 🙂

Take Care, Stay Healthy