Yoga is one of the best choices when it comes to maintaining your body. It’s the simplest and effective practice which has been practiced since 1000 years. Along with weight loss, yoga is also practiced to keep mental as well as physical health balanced. Yoga allows the body to work effectively, the one who practices it can feel body activeness throughout the day.

Piles which is also perceived as haemorrhoids is linked with disturbed digestion, assimilation and elimination. This happens due to low lifestyle, obesity and during pregnancy time. Yoga will help to cure piles. Yeah, you read it right. The yoga techniques not only will help to reduce the symptoms but also help to eliminate the causes of piles too. The yoga posture stretches and contracts the muscle of anus, which will help the anus to be supple and relax. Piles are long term malfunction of the digestive tract, so keep a check on your body first to avoid facing all the disease.

As the effect of yoga is too compelling, let’s check out some of the yoga for piles treatment.

Yoga for piles


The asana is known with many names like

The shoulder stand is one of the best yoga for piles which improves blood circulation in the body, especially useful on abdomen and anus.  The upside-down position helps in the regulation of the flow of digestive juice. As the yoga is so effective, it should be practiced daily.  

yoga for piles
shoulder pose

Step to practice Sarvangasana:

 Sarvangasana can also help to cure several other poblems like thyroid.


Also known as wind relieving pose. Pawanmukhtasana is one of the best yoga for piles. It helps in stretching and contracting the tissue of the affected areas. It helps in the intensification of blood circulation and reduces the swelling over the period. And that’s how it becomes an effective yoga for piles.  Let’s see how you can practice the wind relieving pose.

Steps to practice Pavanmuktasana



Also known as Shishuasana or child pose. The pose helps to increase the circulation towards the anus and also helps in alleviating constipation. This is a simple and effective yoga for piles, which can be done quickly with proper guidance. This yoga effects the muscles surrounding the digestive tract and anal system. Moreover, it provides adequate circulation to the inflamed areas and can reduce redness and pain.


yoga for piles

Let’s check out how to practice the pose.

Any age group can perform this pose. Yoga for piles treatment should be done daily to have a long-lasting result.

Ardha Navasana

Also known as half boat pose.  This is one of the most effective yoga for piles treatment. Apart from piles, it also strengthens your back, thighs and abs. Ardha Navasana helps to improve your core balance and posture. The yoga poses boost focus and concentration and also improve digestion and tone—a yoga with so many advantages needed to be tried once. So, let’s examine out the steps on how to practice Ardha Navasana yoga for piles.

yoga for piles

Step to practice Ardha Navasana:

Note: Try to practice the yoga under this guidance only. Otherwise, there are chances of neck or back injury.


Also known as garland pose. This yoga helps in preventing constipation which is the primary cause for haemorrhoids. It restores the digestive system, and that’s the reason this is the best yoga for piles treatment. Practising garland pose daily can help in the treatment of piles. Let’s check out how you can practice the yoga.


yoga for piles
                                                                             Image credit

Steps to practice malasana:

Practice the yoga daily for getting an effective result.


The above yoga for piles is beneficial if done correctly and under proper guidance. It shows a good result in curing piles and also works much effectively on strengthening other body parts.  Hope the above steps help you to cure your pile’s problem and allow you to have better health.






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